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Jennifer Lawrence Climbing Over A Seat While Holding A Glass Of Wine To Get To Her Oscars Seat Is Iconic

Very relatable.

Jennifer Lawrence always keeps it both relatable and delightful at the Oscars. Remember when she won Best Actress in 2013 and then bit it? So delightful, so relatable.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Remember when she walked the Oscars red carpet in 2014 and bit it? Equal parts delightful and relatable.


Well, this year she showed up to the Oscars and killed the red carpet (without biting it).

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Delightful, but not super relatable.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

But worry not, because Lawrence got inside the Dolby Theater, grabbed a drink, had a quick word with her friend Meryl Streep...

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

...and tried to find her seat.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

But she overshot it by a row. So she just, ya know, climbed over a seat before Salma Hayek could see.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

No big deal. She hiked up that couture gown and expertly balanced her white wine.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

What a pro.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Deeply relatable.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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