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Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Made A Surprise Appearance At A Billy Joel Concert

Why not, ya know?

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Last night Billy Joel performed at Wrigley Field, and he asked his audience a very specific question.

And people were probably like, "Yeah, but...what?"

And people were probably like, "Yeah, but...what?"

And then he launched into his famous hit, "Uptown Girl." Remember the great music video? Christie Brinkley prances around a gas station? Classic.


And then suddenly, Amy Schumer appeared!

And people were probably like, "Ohhh, that's why he asked about Trainwreck."

And did some fabulous, Christie Brinkley-level prancing.

And then, uhh, JENNIFER LAWRENCE came out.

And they did a kickline, as you do when you're onstage with Billy Joel.

And then J-Law and Amy took their shoes off, hmmm, I wonder why?

J-Law even took a moment to kiss Amy's feet because, ya know, friendship.

And then they DANCED on Billy Joel's PIANO.

And it was some adorable, spirited dancing.

Then song ended, and the ladies hugged it out, because hugging it out is the only way to end a spontaneous appearance at a Billy Joel concert.

And it looks like they even practiced beforehand!

Because practice makes perfect, after all.

Dear Universe, please don't ever let this friendship end.

H/t Vulture

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