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    If You Do One Thing Today, Listen To Bryce Dallas Howard Scream

    It's so loud and weirdly satisfying.

    Bryce Dallas Howard stopped by Conan to talk about her latest movie, Jurassic World, and they got right down to the important topics.

    Yes, screaming. Apparently screaming wasn't part of Bryce's audition for the film.

    But the producers got lucky.

    Because Bryce has a really good scream.

    A REALLY good scream.

    And Conan was like, "OK, then do it," and Bryce was like, "OK, I'll do it."

    So Conan set the stage. He turned his back, and played some ominous music.

    And then he turned, and their eyes met...


    But then it was fine, and Conan played some soothing music, and they laughed and laughed because dinosaurs aren't even real, guys.

    Check out the whole video below.

    H/T People.