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    Mar 5, 2018

    19 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up How Great "Queer Eye" Is



    [queer eye] jonathan: a little lip scrub goes a long way antoni: hummus is the guacamole of the middle east tan: try wearing a short sleeve shirt with a collar karamo: look in the mirror and say something u like about urself bobby: i have built u a brand new house from scratch


    Second Queer Eye tweet in a week and I'm sorry to do this 2 you but all I want is for me to walk out of the house and JONATHAN stops me in my tracks and screams "YAAAAS WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO BE SO GORGE SERVING ME FRUMPY WRITER FIERCENESS?"


    With the success of the new Queer Eye, I do worry about people in rural areas being very confused/scared if they ever meet a boring gay


    show concept: queer eye for the romantically fashionably and emotionally incompetent woman


    “And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to... [a confused Warren Beatty opens the envelope and reads what’s inside] …the new season of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?” [the crowd goes wild]


    good morning to fireman Micah from episode 8 of the Queer Eye reboot and no one else


    pray for me please i’ve run out of Queer Eye episodes


    I enjoy Queer Eye and love when all the guys have their time with the slobs and I appreciate their skills but let’s all be real the minute Jonathan steps up we’re all YEAH BITCH LETS GROOM THIS FOUL TOAD MAN.


    if i went on queer eye i wouldn't cry at the end. i'd just be normal. thanks for the linen shirt dudes. take er easy.



    Queer Eye runtime Karamo driving, chatting: 3mins Tan "this hat or this hat?": 4:13mins Jonathan trimming hair: 3mins Antoni cuts a carrot, smiles: 17mins Bobby remodels a house, knocks down a wall, plants a garden, fights a union strike: 0.32 seconds


    Moments in Queer Eye Antoni: I had to find myself after I came out Bobby: I prayed every day when I was a kid to not be gay Karamo: being black & gay in America is difficult Tan: u don’t always have to be loud & proud, b urself Jonathan: POMADE BITCH!


    is it that you think queer eye's jonathan is too much or is it that you fear you are NOT ENOUGH


    7yo refers to Queer Eye as “Clear Eye For The Straight Guy” which is also accurate


    i'm genuinely confused when people make fun of Antoni from queer eye for only knowing how to slice an avocado? he's blinding beautiful? since when do beautiful people have to "know things"? this is america. don't forget our traditions


    ME: I'm not petty ALSO ME: I am absolutely keeping a list of every person who says Jonathan on Queer Eye was "too much" for them


    Get you a guy who looks at you the way @antoni looks at someone slicing an avocado #QueerEye



    Queer Eye show budget, per episode Karamo: free Antoni: $20 Jonathan: $100 Tan: $1500 Bobby: ~$100000000000000000000

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