The First Trailer For The New "DuckTales" Is Here And It's GooOOood

    Life is like a hurricane, my dudes.

    In case you hadn't heard, the classic ’80s cartoon DuckTales is returning this summer, ‘cause something good is finally happening in the world.

    We found out back in December that the cast was going to be absolutely amazing...

    ...and now we have our very first trailer for the show!

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    We see the triplets meeting their great uncle...

    ...the one and only Scrooge McDuck.

    We also get quick glimpses of all the new adventures they're going to go on together.

    Basically, it looks very gooOOOood.

    DuckTales will premiere on Disney XD in the United States this summer. It will premiere on Disney Channel in the UK in late 2017.