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I Have A Big "Stranger Things" Theory So Just Hear Me Out

*puts on tin foil hat* OK, listen.

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So far, we know that creatures from the Upside Down are part of a hive mind. You kill the big guy, you kill all the little guys, too.

We also know that fire and heat seem to harm the whole spectrum of Upside Down creatures.


Nancy and Jonathan injured the Demogorgon with fire last season, and this season the shady folks over at Hawkins Lab use fire to try and stop the Upside Down from spreading into our world. We also know that baby Demogorgon Dart is super sensitive to light and heat.

But water might play a role, too — and not just because of the bathtub scene. Remember when all-time greatest dude and superhero, Bob Newby, turned on the Hawkins Lab sprinklers in Episode 8? The Demodogs whimpered and ran away.


But when I asked Stranger Things creators, the Duffer Brothers, about the theory, they didn't discredit it entirely. "I will say we’ve talked about water," Matt Duffer said. "I’m not gonna say if it’s specifically what you’re talking about. I won’t say more than that. It’s a cool idea."