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    Felicia Day's 10-Step Guide To Getting Internet Famous

    "Sex tape! I'm just kidding, don't do that."

    Felicia Day, Queen of Geekdom and Internet Awesomeness, stopped by BuzzFeed to chat about finding success online.

    And she was kind enough to break it down into 10 easy steps for us!

    1. Figure out what you love. Talk about it.

    "So, whatever it is that you have a passion for...that's what you should hang your hat on. Not something you think will be popular, because it won't be popular — believe me — unless you love it."

    2. Have clean hair.

    "There's nothing worse than gross hair. That's just me. Is my hair OK right now? I'm such a hypocrite."

    3. Experiment!

    "Experiment with all the platforms out there! Find the one that makes you feel the most excited to get up in the morning and make something! Whether it's Snapchat or Vine or YouTube or blogging, the platform is totally unique to your creativity. So figure out the one you like the most and keep doing it."

    4. Have good sound.

    "If you're making a video, just make sure your sound doesn't suck! Come on, guys. You're not in a toilet-can. If you're filming in a toilet-can, go ahead and sound like you're in a toilet-can. But, in general, don't sound like you're in a toilet-can."

    5. Make a sex tape. (Not really.)

    "Sex tape! I'm just kidding, don't do that. I'm your mom. Don't do it."

    6. Keep going.

    "No one has an overnight success viral video. I mean, a few people do, but don't get discouraged just because you don't have a million views overnight! If you're saying something you really love and that's unique enough, just keeping making it and people will find you."

    7. Make a list.

    "Hah! I'm at BuzzFeed and I'm telling you to make a list! That's meta. Make a list about this video. And then make a list about the list about the video. I love you."

    8. Cats.

    "Cats. Just put a cat in it. It's kind of like in Portlandia: Put a bird on it. Put a cat in it, cats are really popular on the internet, for some reason. I don't know why, but sometimes I spend three hours just looking at pictures of kittens. Don't do that either."

    9. Embrace your weird.

    "Take anything that makes you odd or weird or stand out, and embrace it! And share it with other people, because they are your superpowers — your weirdnesses — and that's how you will stand out in the world and online."

    10. Create community.

    "Have people love you! That means, like, really concentrating on your fans and putting a lot of thought into what they like versus what people tell you they'll like. If you listen to them, they will tell you what to do next, and they will lift you up so that other people can find you. I love you, guys."

    Check out the whole hilarious and charming video below:

    Facebook: video.php

    For more guidance to internet and overall life success, check out Felicia's new book, You're Never Weird On The Internet (Almost).