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    Here's A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Emma Watson's New Movie

    "I was fascinated by how brave she is."

    In case you hadn't heard, Emma Watson's in a new movie playing a badass young woman (Lena) who infiltrates a religious cult to save her boyfriend (Daniel).

    Colonia is based on a the real-life cult, Colonia Dignidad, during the 1973 Chilean military coupe.

    And in an exclusive featurette, Emma Watson and director Florian Gallenberger talk about casting, the story, and bravery.

    For the role of Lena, Gallenberger wanted "someone who is radiant, who brings in a strong, bright energy."

    "I wanted light to go into the dark place," he said.

    Watson was fascinated by the character's bravery, saying, "You would hope that in Lena's shoes you would do the same thing that she does, but you wonder! You go, 'Wow, would I be brave enough to do that?'"

    As far as casting for Daniel, who's held in an underground torture camp beneath Colonia Dignidad, Gallenberger knew Daniel Brühl was the right fit for the part from the beginning.

    Michael Nyqvist plays Paul Schäfer, the former German soldier who founded Colonia Dignidad, and produces the kind of "intensity" Gallenberger said was essential to the role.

    Colonia opens in theaters and VOD April 15.