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Daisy Ridley Accidentally Dyed Her Face Yellow Before "Star Wars" Filming

We've all been there.

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We've all been there: It's late at night, you're doing your pre-bedtime routine, and out of nowhere, a giant zit has popped up and decided to ruin your life.

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And so you do the only logical thing: Google "at-home acne treatment" and end up smearing whatever's in your fridge all over your face. It's all very sticky and futile.

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Well, movie star and glamorous human being Daisy Ridley is no different. She just, um, might have suffered some greater consequences than futile stickiness.

Instagram: @daisyridley

She just tried to do what we all do and get a zit quick-fix, right? No big deal.

It's not exactly clear just what homemade mask Daisy tried, but it involved a loooot of turmeric.

Which dyed her hands yellowish...which means...HER FACE MAY BE DYED YELLOWISH AS WELL.

Whatever, right? Life is short, laugh it off, BUT WAIT. She had filming the next day for a small indie film you may know as Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Hopefully they're filming some more Jakku scenes and Daisy can blend in with the landscape a bit.

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