Daenerys Is Finally Wearing Targaryen Red, And That's Very Important

    My anxiety levels are rising.

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead, so if you know nothing and wish to continue knowing nothing, leave now.

    Daenerys Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, etc. has gone through many different and iconic looks since we first met her in Season 1 — and each look reflects some aspect of her journey.

    But one important color has been noticeably absent from Dany's wardrobe in past seasons: red, the color of House Targaryen.

    Red is a shared color in the Targaryen and Lannister sigils — and a shared color of importance in Cersei's wardrobe. "When we first saw [Cersei], she was actually not terribly often in red," Clapton said. But as Cersei's power grew, so did her affinity for the color.

    And this season, we're finally seeing Dany claim the color in her own way. The very first time we saw her, she was wearing her iconic dress–pants combo with just a liiittle bit of Targaryen red shining through.

    And in the second episode, she's got some red embellishments on her dress — subtle, but noticeable.

    In the third episode, we see her wear some more pronounced red as she welcomes/low-key imprisons Jon Snow in Dragonstone.

    And this week, the red cape was back.

    Coupled with her three-headed dragon jewelry, Dany seems to be fully embracing her Targaryen lineage. And that could be very good, or very bad.

    Dany's done some pretty badass stuff — but there's been a theory floating around for a while that she might be in danger of going down the same path as her father, Aerys II Targaryen, aka the Mad King.

    That theory resurfaced during tonight's episode, when Dany killed Lord Tarly and his son Dickon after they refused to pledge allegiance to her — despite Tyrion trying to talk her out of it.

    Still, Tyrion tried to see her reasoning. Varys, however, did not.

    Varys served as master of whisperers to King Aerys, and drew a savage parallel between Dany and her dear old dad.

    Showrunner David Benioff weighed in during Game of Thrones: Inside the Episode — but there still seems to be room for interpretation.

    Maybe the red is a visual signal that she's headed down the same path as her father. Or maybe, like Cersei, Dany's power is growing and she's just reclaiming her roots and leaning into the Targaryen Look.

    We'll find out soon enough.