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    Christian Bale Is Amazing In This Emotional Deleted Scene From "The Big Short"

    Check out the clip exclusively on BuzzFeed.

    The Big Short, nominated for five Academy Awards, details the true story of four outsiders who predicted the greatest financial fraud in U.S. history. Watch a deleted scene featuring Christian Bale (Michael Burry), exclusively on BuzzFeed:

    The scene shows Dr. Mike Burry in a child psychiatry center, as he learns his son has been diagnosed with Asperger's.


    Burry's son was diagnosed with the syndrome in real life after he was rejected from multiple kingergartens. Burry only agreed to the testing at his wife's urging.


    “He had apparently scored very low on tests involving art and scissor use,” Burry told Vanity Fair in 2010.

    In the film, Burry talks about often feeling socially awkward and separated from people himself, because of his glass eye.


    But through researching Asperger's after his son's diagnosis, he begins to see himself in many of the symptoms.


    "I hated reading a book telling me who I was...I thought I was different, but this was saying I was the same as other people," Burry said in the same Vanity Fair interview.


    Burry later sought the help of a psychologist.


    The Big Short Digital HD release is out now, and the Blu-ray will be available March 15.


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