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26 "Captain America: Civil War" Tweets That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry

*thinks about Bucky's motorcycle flip until death*

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1. On true love:

2. On Bucky's motorcycle stunt:

3. No, but seriously:

Bucky Barnes stealing a motorbike A sexual experience


5. On the movie's true title:

6. On why Bucky was actually buying those plums:

7. OMG Bucky:


9. On Falcon and Bucky's frenemyship:

10. So much passive aggression:

11. But they do have a complicated history:

That's why Sam wouldn't move his seat because it was revenge for Bucky wrecking his car in The Winter Soldier

12. On King "Fetch Me the Fainting Couch" T'Challa:

13. On the true nature of Bucky and Cap's friendship:

14. Actually, this might be closer to the truth:

15. On the best new character in the series:

16. On Bucky's tendency to make dangerous enemies:

17. On Steve Rogers during that helicopter scene:

18. On Steve Rogers in general:

19. Dammit, Steve:

20. On Dad:

21. On the importance of proper superhero attire:

22. On the glory of our new Spider-Man:

23. And on remembering the Spider-Men of old:

*stands up during Civil War* Kids when I was your age Spiderman looked like THIS

24. On that final scene:

25. On that post-credits scene:

26. And on the condition of our post-Civil War minds/bodies/hearts in general:

The best things at three price points