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    Adele's Three Alternative Names For "Vagina" Are Delightful

    Pizza. Yes, pizza.

    Last week, Adele graced Ellen with her presence. They had so much fun and did so much together that they ran out of time, so Ellen just released another game they played once the show was over.

    Now we've been blessed with another Adele/Ellen collaboration: a game of "5 Second Rule."

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    In the game, tWitch gives each lady a category, and she has to name three things in that category in five seconds or less.

    It was kinda stressful for Adele.

    But she dived right in and did very well.

    And now we know Adele whispers when the lights go out.

    She didn't do too well with celebrity names...

    ...but damn did she do a great job with curse words.

    And Adele shined brightest when asked about her lady bits. SHE DID THIS WITH 2.6 SECONDS LEFT.

    OK, let's unpack those first two terms.

    And, yes, pizza.

    Bless you, Adele. Bless you.