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Definitive Proof Parents Should Never Use Social Media

Catching up to modern technology isn’t so easy! Just ask Ernie Keebler. Cookies, he knows. Social media, not so much.

Social media is tough when you're just getting started. From not fully understanding friend requests... calling things by the wrong name.

Parents and grandparents especially seem to have trouble and sometimes need a little help.

But once they get's hard to stop them.

1. They love to LIKE 'n' SHARE! Can't get enough of it!

2. They respond to EVERYTHING...including their own posts.

3. And birthdays are a real struggle! They either post messages that are meant for someone else on their own page...

4. ...or post things that make you scratch your head.

5. Sometimes they just say "Hi!"

6. They overdo it with the tagging.

7. And they're very random, to be honest.

8. They're embarrassing!

9. And parents are VERY worried about viruses!

10. Of course, when they do excel at social media, it can backfire.

11. You ignore ONE phone call, and they use social media to publicly shame you.

12. But hey! At least they're getting the hang of it!

Putting it all out there takes courage...and doing it successfully takes practice!

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