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24 Signs That You're (Probably) Filipino

From food to the little things, Filipino culture is very distinct. So if you wondered how you can be Filipino, then worry no more! Here are signs that (probably) makes you a Filipino. Disclaimer: These will not help in your citizenship. You might need to go through a legit process for that. Anyway, enjoy!

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Okay, enough with food. Sorry for the All Caps there. Ginutom ako dun bes. Let's proceed to the smaller stuff. And by smaller I mean...

11. And you basically know these noontime Kings (and KWEEN).

ABS-CBN / Alchetron / Inquirer Entertainment

As per my lolo: The egocentric millionaire, the nationwide bossing, and the national horse!

13. That's why you resort to Florante and Laura instead. (As if).

You know, the Filipino version of Romeo and Juliet. Except with lions. (PS, I just wanted to include this on the list for some reason.)

So, how much of a Filipino are you?

It doesn't matter if you're only a Filipino at heart. If you got at least 10 of these signs... then you're (unofficially) Filipino!

What are some other signs that you might be a Filipino? Sound off in the comments down below!

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24 Signs That You're (Probably) Filipino

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