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Five Feelings UNC Seniors Have Before Graduating

Because at one point during our senior year, we have felt some, or all, of these things.

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1. Relief

This is it. This is your last year. No more 10-minute intermittent naps in Davis because you didn't have time to sleep the night before. No more awkwardly walking past the Pit Preacher during the day. No more tripping over loose bricks in The Quad. And best of all, no more school. Unless you're going to grad school. Then good luck.

2. Sadness

I'm not crying - you're crying. Despite the long nights and early mornings, there's something about this place you're going to miss. Maybe it's the feeling you get when you watch your basketball team win a game (or natty). Maybe it's late-night drives to Cookout with your best friends. Or maybe it's just the fact that you go to the best school in the world. Regardless, you're going to miss this place a whole heck of a lot.

3. Anger


4. Denial

How did we get to be seniors? Between you and me, there are times when I still feel like I've only been here for a year or two. Just yesterday I was complaining about living in HoJo and riding the P2P on the reg. Now, I'm drowning in job applications, attempting to go to He's Not as much as possible and trying to reconcile the fact that I have less than a month at this beautiful place.

5. Happiness

At the end of it all, you'll have a diploma and a job (hopefully). While these have been some of the greatest four years of your life, you are ready to get the heck out of here and start killing it in the real world. So congrats on your senior year, Tar Heels, and remember, it's always a GDTBATH.

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