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Key Differences Between My High School Production Of Beauty And The Beast And The Movie

Surprisingly, there were quite a few.

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Gaston's muscles were real in the movie

I thought this choice was particularly interesting. The 2017 movie's director Bill Condon decided to forgo the classic Gaston costume with the foam muscles attached to the red shirt and instead went with the actor's actual human arm. A bit underwhelming, but I respect the attempt.

The plates and cutlery had no discernible personality in the movie

I don't want to brag, but in my high school production of Beauty and the Beast, I was a plate (I am off camera in this picture) and boy, did I bring it acting-wise. I moved my arms AND my face. So I was pretty disappointed in the plates in the 2017 movie. They kind of just spun around. And there was no insecure adolescent attached to them. A very different experience.

The wolves' heads were attached to their bodies in the movie

This floored me. In my production, we had these amazing wolf masks that were terrifying and portable. In the movie, there were wolves with no wolf masks on. Bill Condon, I'm sure you're a good director, but, come on. This is just unrealistic.

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