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Here's What You Missed If You Avoided The Debates

It's over. It's done. It's time to reflect on the chaos that has been the three presidential debates of 2016.

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Debate 1: At Hofstra University with Lester Holt

Trump Says Not Paying Taxes Makes Him Smart

NBC News

His leaked 1995 tax returns showed he didn't pay federal income taxes. When he was questioned about it at the debate he said, "That's what makes me smart."

No One Called Sean Hannity

Katie Zilcosky

Lester Holt asked Trump about his position of supporting the Iraq War. Trump said Holt was wrong, and anyone who wants the truth needs to call Sean Hannity.

Hillary Gets To Use The Phrase "Trumped Up Trickle Down"


While debating economics, Hillary got the chance to drop the line Trumped Up Trickle Down economics with hopes of executing a real zinger.

Trump Says Wrong (More Than Once)


Vox found Trump interrupted Clinton 51 times in the first debate, and this was one of them.

Hillary Bring Alicia Machado Into Conversation


After winning Miss Universe in 1996, Trump rudely insulted Alicia Machado. In the first debate, Hillary brought Machado in to dig at Trump a little deeper.

Debate 2: Washington University in St. Louis with Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper

Trump Presidency = Hillary Jail Time

Katie Zilcosky

After Hillary doubted the compatibility of Trump's temperament and the presidency, he said if he were President, Hillary would be in jail.

Trump Brought In Women Who Accused Bill Clinton Of Sexual Assault

Katie Zilcosky

Before the debate even started, Trump was stirring up trouble. He surprised everyone by holding a press conference with Bill Clinton's accusers and tried to seat them in his VIP box. They were not allowed to sit in the box.

Trump Says His Access Hollywood Statements Are "Locker Room Talk"


Even though he labelled his comments about sexual assault as "locker room talk" before the debate, he defended it again here--and then completely changed the subject to ISIS.



ICYMI: Undecided Voter Ken Bone captured the heart of America in a bright read sweater as he asked a question about clean energy.

Karaoke Memes

View this video on YouTube

The Town Hall style of Debate 2 gave the candidates the chance to walk around and work the room. It gave the internet the chance to make them sing duets.

Debate 3: University of Nevada, Las Vegas with Chris Wallace

Hillary Calls Trump Putin's Puppet


Hillary accused Trump of being a puppet to Russian President Vladimir Putin during the third debate, to which he retorted "No, you're the puppet!"

Bad Hombres


When talking about why he thinks we need the wall, Trump said we have some bad hombres (pronouncing it ahm-brays) within our border.

Hillary Calls Trump Out On Choking with Mexico

Katie Zilcosky

Trump said he would make Mexico pay for the wall on his trip to Mexico in early September. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto did not accept those terms. So Hillary called him out in the final debate.

Trump Calls Hillary A Nasty Woman


Hillary digs at Trump for not paying income taxes and contributing to social security. He interrupts her and calls her a "nasty woman." She continued talking.

Trump Doesn't Promise To Accept The Election Results

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When asked if he would continue the "tradition in this country of apeaceful transition of power," Trump said he would keep us all in suspense because the election is rigged.

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