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    15 Remixes From Tumblr That You Never Thought Were Possible

    It sounds kinda weird, but you also can't stop listening....

    1. Cotton Eye Joe But It Keeps Getting Faster

    Just when you think you're done, it goes ONE. MORE. TIME.

    2. Super Mario Brothers x Smash Mouth

    My ears are confused, but generally okay with this.

    3. Never Gonna Give You Up (at different tempos)

    I'm uncomfortable.

    4. Eminem x Yoshi

    It's the collab everyone has wanted (even if they didn't know it).

    5. Wii Shop Music x Hotline Bling

    If you combine it with wii music, it's gonna be good (case 1).

    6. Wii Channel Song x Tipsy


    If you combine it with wii music, it's gonna be good (case 2).

    7. Welcome To The Black Parade x Beez In The Trap

    Same beats per minute= meant to be

    8. Anaconda x Gagnam Style


    9. Uptown Funk x Bring Me To Life

    The perfect song for your conflicting mood.

    10. Hakuna Matata x Drop The Bass

    You love Disney, an you love Skrillex. Now you can have both. Together as one.

    11. Sugar, We're Going Down Swinging x Kung Fu Fighting

    I'm just gonna appreciate this one.

    12. Kate Nash x Snoop Lion

    This sounded weirder before I actually heard it honestly...

    13. Hips Don't Lie x Banjo Music


    14. Hallelujah x Waluigi x Uptown Funk x It's Raining Men

    This one is really just all over the place.

    15. Kirby Theme Song x Energy

    Okay, sign me up.