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    22 Things From Joe Fresh That Made Me Say, “Take My Money”

    And most of them are under $30!

    1. A T-shirt dress that doesn't require any extra effort. You can easily dress up with some bold accessories and a cute pair of shoes or wear it casually with a pair of simple flats or sneakers.

    A person wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt dress

    2. A pair of rain boots that have all the style and comfort of a classic Chelsea boot, but are totally weather proof. The stretchy elastic on the sides helps prevent rubbing and discomfort for worry-free everyday wear.

    A pair of rain boots on a plain background

    3. A puffer jacket that'll make any outfit look infinitely cooler. It's made of water resistant nylon and has a polyester filling that'll keep you warm, even on the chilliest days.

    A person wearing a puffer coat over a plain tee and jeans

    4. A poplin T-shirt that'll be a great staple in your closet. The button-up style and collar make it appropriate for your Zoom meetings, but it has such a classic silhouette, you'll want to wear it with everything.

    A person wearing a collared T-shirt with buttons up the front

    5. A knit sweater that you can wear on any day of the year. It has the coziness of a sweater, but the mesh design keeps it breathable, so you won't get overheated. Plus, it has a back slit that'll add a little drama to your look.

    6. A matching pyjamas shirt and pants that you'll want to wear to bed every single night. The 100% cotton material will feel super soft on your skin and the pants have a comfortable drawstring waistband.

    A person wearing a matching pyjamas shirt and pants

    7. A faux leather crossbody bag that’s spacious enough to hold your essentials, but is also super stylish. There's a compartment on the back and a set of card slots on the inside, so you won't have to take your entire wallet with you.

    A person wearing a small bag across their chest

    8. A pair of leggings that'll keep you looking stylish while you're working on your fitness. They're high-waisted, so you won't feel like they're sliding down or cutting you off at your hips.

    A person wearing a sports bra and patterned leggings

    9. A pair of high heels that will take you to new heights ⁠— literally! The asymmetrical strap and pointed toe make these little black pumps a little fancier than your other shoes and the chunky block heel will give you a little more stability.

    A pair of high heels with a chunky heel and pointy toes

    10. A velvet jumpsuit that is equally stylish and functional. You’ll never have to wonder what to wear with it because it’s an all-in-one outfit — just put it on and go!

    A person wearing soft velvet jumpsuit with thin spaghetti straps and flowy cropped pants

    11. A pair of running shoes that you’ll want to wear even when you’re not working out — they’re that comfortable. Plus, the mesh material will give your tootsies better airflow, so they won't get too sweaty.

    A pair of running shoes on a plain background

    12. A lacy bralette for the days when an underwire bra feels like it's too much. The jersey material is very soft and the elastic band is both stretchy and comfortable, so you won't even feel like you're wearing a bra.

    13. A cozy cardigan that'll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and out. It's a great way to add an extra layer to your outfit, and you can wear it with practically anything.

    A person wearing a long cardigan over a T-shirt and pants

    14. A button-up shirt with an outdoorsy, plaid print. It's incredibly soft and can be styled with just about anything else in your closet.

    A person sitting on a stool wearing a button up shirt and jeans

    15. A pair of fleece joggers that are a more fashionable version of the sweatpants you usually wear, but just as cozy.

    A person wearing jogger pants

    16. A pack of cloth face masks that'll give you a few reusable options. They have three layers that are made of 100% cotton and adjustable bands along the top, so you can mould them over your nose.

    A bunch of fabric face masks in a pile

    17. A half-zip hoodie that is anything but plain. The bold colourblock pattern and cropped elastic waist gives this casual sweater a stylish update.

    A person wearing a hoodie and leggings

    18. A pack of no-show socks that'll look good with all of your low-cut sneakers. They have ribbed cuffs around the ankle that'll make it harder for them to slip off your feet.

    Five pairs of no-show socks in a row

    19. A knit sweater that you'll probably live in this winter. It has a subtle cable knit pattern that'll add a little texture and personality to your outfit.

    A person wearing a turtleneck sweater

    20. A twill pencil skirt that has some stretch to it, so you'll actually want to wear it all day. You can pair it with a button-up shirt for work or wear a plain tee to create a more casual ensemble, making it a simple, but versatile addition to your closet.

    A person wearing a tank top and a fitted pencil skirt

    21. A neon workout shirt that'll give your outfit an actual glow up. It has a reflective trim along the shoulders, so you'll still be visible at night.

    A person wearing a long sleeved neon workout top and shorts

    22. And finally, a faux suede tote bag that'll match your on-the-go lifestyle. It's large enough to fit all your essentials and a has pair of long handles that'll fit comfortably over your shoulder.

    A person wearing a large tote bag over their shoulder

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