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    18 Things That Are So Cute You'll Want To Gift Them To Yourself

    Hair ties, sunglasses, enamel pins, and more!

    1. An adorable crossbody bag that looks like an actual dinosaur. It's made of soft faux leather and is big enough to store all your essentials, making it the perfect bag for any occasion.

    2. A set of super-cute enamel pins to brighten up your backpack or denim jacket. They each come with a little butterfly clasp, making it easier to put them on and take them off fabric.

    3. A jar of bestselling unicorn snot, because we know glitter makes everything better! This body glitter has an otherworldly holographic glow, and comes off easily with makeup remover or baby wipes. BTW, it's vegan and cruelty free!

    4. A pair of heart-shaped sunglasses that are so cute, you'll want to wear them everyday. You'll look like the human equivalent of the 😍 emoji, but make it fashion.

    5. An extra-large tortilla blanket for anyone who dreams of becoming a human-sized burrito. The tortilla texture is digitally printed on a soft microfibre blanket that feels as good as it looks.

    6. A wearable nail polish bottle holder that will literally change your manicure game. It fits most nail polish bottles with a secure grip, so you don't have to worry about spills.

    7. A pack of invisible hair ties that you can actually count on. The innovative corded telephone design keeps your hair from being snagged or being tied too tightly. These also don't snap on you mid-tie like regular hair ties do. They're suited for all hair types and are waterproof, sweat proof, and headache proof!

    8. A pair super-tiny spatulas that helps you get every last drop of products from the bottle. The handles are long and thin, making it easier to reach the bottom of the container.

    9. An animal-shaped card holder that is both adorable and functional. This small and handy tool gives you a place to keep your business cards and memos, so they're easy to access at any time.

    10. A travel journal to write about all of your worldly adventures. It's small in size, but has 144 pages, and a spacious back pocket to keep small mementos.

    11. A pack of oversized acrylic earrings that are reminiscent of the bold and beautiful hoops of the '80s. It's the mix of textures, colours, and shapes that makes these earrings look less like jewelry and more like works of art!

    12. Taco Tuesday just got Jurassic-ally better with this dinosaur-shaped taco holder. It can hold up to two shells, making it easier to stuff, carry, and eat tacos at the dinner table.

    13. A pack of shiny gold polka dots to sprinkle on your bedroom walls like confetti. The decals won't damage your walls when you're ready to remove them, and they're double-sided, so you can use them on windows, too!

    14. A super-durable umbrella that curves around you like a canopy, so you definitely won't get wet. The fact it's transparent makes it easier to see everything around you.

    15. A pack of colorful hair scrunchies that Lara Jean from To All The Boys I've Loved Before would definitely approve of. Some of them have small bunny ears to make your ponytail look extra adorable!

    16. A set of ceramic pots for your small-but-thriving succulents. The pots have a drainage hole and come with a bamboo tray to hold excess water.

    17. A cute silicone brush for the shower, so you can enjoy all the stress-relieving scalp massages you know you deserve. The bristles not only help remove dead skin cells, dirt, and dandruff from hair, but they also strengthen hair follicles, promote blood circulation, and feel really, really good on your scalp!

    18. And finally, a beautiful trinket dish to hold small jewels like rings and earrings. Or keep it by the front door as a place to stash your keys, so you never forget where they are.

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