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I Tried The New E.L.F. Hydrating Bubble Mask To See If It Is Worth It

Bubble masks are all the rage, but can the tried and true brand, E.L.F. play in the big leagues?

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Hello, I'm Kayleigh and I'm addicted to facials.

Not really, but I am a lover of all things skincare and was all too excited to learn that E.L.F. recently came out with their own cloud mask. Facials are my jam and I'm down to try everything from spa-grade to homemade, so I wanted to see if their new Hydrating Bubble Mask was worth the hype and the money. As one of the most popular drugstore brands that is known for their affordability, I went into buying the mask expecting a decent product that did a basic cleaning job, but after using it I was blown away at the smoothness of my skin after just one use.

I have dry, sensitive skin that is prone to your run-of-the-mill stress and period acne, and right before trying the mask I had a scattering of little pimples around my hairline, chin and cheeks. I usually wash my face once a day with basic drugstore brand face wash and get a professional facial about once a year. In the mean time, I'll dapple with sheet masks and I moisturize literally all time #dryskinprobs. But I was so ready to get on the cloud mask trend and to see if E.L.F. can live up to the amazing mask fad that I've been seeing all over Instagram.

Let's start with un-boxing this baby.

Kayleigh Barber

It's pretty and simple packaging and you get a decent amount for its price ($14). I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I bought this product in terms of how many uses I could get out of the serum, but there is actually quite a bit in the container. To cover my face with a thin layer (as the directions suggest) I only used about two to three pumps and it honestly wasn't a lot. Two pumps easily covered my entire face and bubbled up well enough. You can probably make this product last upwards of four to six months with once a week usage, so you'll definitely get your money's worth.

Time for the application!

Kayleigh Barber

The directions say to apply a thin layer of the mask onto slightly damp skin. Unlike other bubble masks that I've seen, this one almost immediately started bubbling. As you can see, there wasn't a huge bubbling effect going on right away and it was almost patchy in some areas. I was expecting to gradually turn into a cloud but the bubbly mask started to dissipate back into the serum not long after I put it on. Some areas of my face remained bubblier than others and I wonder if that was just because certain areas of my skin were too dry for the bubbles to stay? Either way, I thought I had done something wrong so I put another pump of the mask onto my face again and I did get more bubbly coverage.

Kayleigh Barber

See? More bubs. This was the closest I got to being a human cloud and in all honesty, the cloud effect did not last long and was not nearly as crazy as some of the other masks I've seen. The box says that five to 10 minutes after application the bubbles will dissipate and that is when you're supposed to rub in the mask and then wash it off with warm water. I would try putting on more of the mask to get that Insta-famous cloud look but as far as the skincare portion, the amount I used was perfect for attaining the clear and happy skin that I wanted.

Drum roll please...the results!

Kayleigh Barber

I followed the directions by massaging the remaining bubbles and mask into my skin and then washed off the mask with warm water and a washcloth. After, I patted my face down with my daily moisturizer. I could almost immediately tell that my skin was a lot clearer and hydrated. In this picture my skin was a bit red--probably due to it being so darn sensitive--but overall it didn't feel tight or dry like it had. Little acne bumps were mainly gone and I could see a dewy glow. I would even go as far to say that these results were better than some of the ones I've seen from facials I had done by professionals. 24-hours later my skin still feels soft and dewy! E.L.F. recommends using the mask one to three times a week and I will probably make it a Sunday night ritual myself in order to ensure a fresh face for the start of every week.

Would I recommend? 100 percent yes!

Is it worth $14? For the amount you get and the skincare effects yes. If you're looking for the Insta pic, maybe not.

My rating: 4.5/5

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