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Women In Hijabs Doing Things

"Hijabs represent female oppression and handcuffed to the house." Lol no.

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So just to elucidate something that seems to shock many people, hijabs are present in multiple religions and dozens of countries, including Northern Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Asia, East Asia, South America, and North America. It is not a symbol of female oppression, but has often developed because of environmental factors (such as heat, dust, and access to water). Nowaday, hijabs are considered both religious and cultural garb.

If you haven't seen this text between a young woman and her father yet, check it out. Also if you haven't seen this incredible rap about wearing a hijab, which prompted this post, you should! So here are women in hijabs doing things.

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Greg Gayne / FOX / Via

And of course, if ordinary women doing (extra)ordinary things wasn't enough, even Wonder Woman has donned a hijab for her sisters.

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