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What's An Item In Your Wardrobe That You've Had For Years And Years?

Help us spread the love of long-lasting, good-quality clothing and shoes!

Seasons change, trends come and go, and I am constantly adding and removing things from my wardrobe.

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Plus, come fall time, I spend all my money on fall jackets because they are the best autumn garment (fact!).

But there are some items I have yet to part with because they've held up incredibly well and still go with so many things in my closet. Case in point: this Express faux-leather jacket I got SEVEN years ago!

Katy Herman / Kayla Suazo

Even my coworker Katy swears by the exact same one. Just look at us! We <3 good-quality clothing!

It's such a popular jacket that it's STILL available at Express, all this time later!

I love it so much, I basically recommend it to anyone looking to spend money. So, I am curious! Is there something in your closet that *you* have had for years and years?

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If there is, let me know what it is and how long you've had it! It doesn't necessarily need to be something you've had your entire life, just an item that has been put through a lot of wear and tear and is still in great condition.

Maybe it's a pair of boots that have withstood many harsh winters.


It could be sandals or everyday sneakers or running shoes!

Or your own version of a good quality jacket!


Perhaps it's a pair of go-to denim jeans you have had for a while.


Or any pants really! Truly, it can be any item of clothing like:

— bras

— underwear

— white t-shirts

— leggings

— socks

— winter coats

Whatever article of clothing or pair of shoes it is, we want to hear it! Please mention where you got it and how long you've had it — and if you want to go the extra mile, you can always share a direct link. Submit your recommendations below and you might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!