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Show Us How You Decorated And Transformed Your Dorm Room

Help future dorm room residents decorate their spaces.

ALERT. The school year is almost here!!! And there is nothing like moving into your first dorm and starting college.

A new dorm room is basically a blank canvas that two roomies can decorate and make their own.

Can anyone ever forget the Ole Miss students who decked out their dorm room?

Soon-to-be dorm residents can draw some serious inspiration from these rooms — and that's why we want to see your best transformations!

Show us how you cozied up your dorm and jazzed up those bare cinder block walls.

Let us see that wall decor.

Or a trendy yet super helpful storage solution that helped keep your life together.

Upload your photos in the comment section below to show off your HGTV skills! Your submission could be included in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video.