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    33 Trendy Pieces Of Clothing Under $50

    Dresses, denim, tops, and more pieces that come with a lot of style and a little price tag.

    1. A flowy, sheer duster to chic up any basic white tee and denim outfit. Did you get this at some fancy boutique, they'll ask? That's a secret we'll never tell.

    2. A pair of jeans from Sofia Vergara's darling new collection. I mean let's be honest here, every closet needs more denim. It's a simple fact.

    3. A leopard print cardigan, because a sweater this fun deserves to be in your closet.

    4. Wind joggers with a partially elastic waistband that prove cute and comfy have never gone together better.

    5. An in-style faux-fleece jacket that'll make you feel like you're being hugged by a fuzzy (wallet-friendly) teddy bear, and who doesn't want that?!

    6. A polkadot wrap dress featuring a ruffle hem and tie waist you can easily transition from cold temperatures to warmer seasons with the right accessories.

    7. A drapey blouse with detailed sleeves — aka, the statement-making top that can be worn around the office and then paired with a warm coat when you need to head outdoors.

    8. A flirty drop-shoulder sweater in a rib-knit fabric — my main question here is, can we live in this all winter long?

    9. A long-sleeved bodysuit because your back shouldn't face the wrath of frigid air in the event your shirt becomes untucked.

    10. A belted denim jacket you can rock on those warmer winter days...or with added layers so you NEVER have to take this beauty off.

    11. A chic as hell swimsuit coverup that takes beachwear to a whole new level. Can spring break get here now, please?

    12. A floral A-line skirt that'll make you want to twirl everywhere you go — like, say, to a telephone booth or down a wooded lane.

    13. A gorgeous satin blazer guaranteed to give all your other work outfits a bad case of the blues when they realize this is all you'll be wearing.

    14. A flowy maxi you can rock year round, whether its layered-up in the winter or paired with sandals on the beach. Either way, you're bound to feel faaabulous.

    15. High-waisted trousers with pockets AND a tie, ruffle waist for a work ensemble that's as equally stylish as it is affordable — and I'm not sure there is much that can top that!

    16. A button-up skirt your graphic tees, tanks, and sweaters are about to become best friends with.

    17. A fluffy, faux-fur jacket that'll make you *want* to spend time out in the cold just to show it off.

    18. A velvet cami because your plain white t-shirt could use a break, and this is the perfect substitute.

    19. A peplum blouse featuring a cage neckline and cutouts that's sure to get you at least a hundred "where did you get that's?".

    20. A super sexy bodycon dress with a criss-cross cutout back that maybe, just maybe, will convince you to go out this weekend.

    21. A sheer print top so you can finally show off those adorable bralettes that are sitting tucked away in your drawers.

    22. Or! A lace option because this silhouette + these ruffle sleeves = the perfect going out top.

    23. And of course — a classic black bralette with the perfect amount of lacy accents to pair with your ~new~ sheer top.

    24. A sweet little swing dress your leather jacket is practically begging you to buy.

    25. Burgundy velvet leggings — the ideal combination of incredibly cozy and really, really cute. It turns out is possible to feel oh-so fancy in literally just leggings.

    26. A boxy tie-front shirt that was made for your best high-waisted jeans. Tell your closet now that this is your new casual go-to outfit.

    27. A scallop-hemmed A-line dress you *have* to twirl in everywhere you go — and that means from work straight to dinner. This is mandatory, I do not make the rules.

    28. A bow-tie blouse. Honestly this shirt has no right to be this cute and cheap...which means you need it.

    29. Cropped pants with a ruffle hem and darling polka dot print so you can put away the denim for a bit. And its soft-stretch fabric means you will have zero problems picking these over your jeans.

    30. A shaggy jacket for transforming a classic t-shirt into your most successful OOTD yet. Just be prepared to have everyone asking you where they can get one for themselves.

    31. An adorable petal-collar tank you can wear season in and season out. Winter? Absolutely, just layer it up. Summer? Pair it with your cutest skirt and you're set.

    32. A striped jumpsuit that seriously is too cute not to buy. Now that I've seen this, I don't even know how my closet can live without it.

    33. And a casual pencil dress made in a cotton blend fabric because so you can treat your well-deserved work attire to something super charming (and comfy).

    All of us cleaning our closet to make room for all our new goodies:

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