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    This $27 Air Mattress Is Perfect For Houseguests You Actually Like

    Your guests will be happy and so will your wallet.

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    There's nothing worse than dishing out big $$$ on an air mattress just to see it pop or puncture after only a few uses. It feels like throwing money in an open fire and watching it slowly burn.

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    An unexpected mattress blow-out can put you in quite a predicament when you have last-minute guests or long-term visitors — because you'd never be rude enough to make your guests sleep on the floor, right?? Right.

    Lucky for me, I discovered the Intex twin air mattress FOUR years ago and have never looked back. It's lasted me through college*, three moves, and many visits from friends and family.

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    *I didn't sleep on it regularly, but would pull it out when I had friends or family stay the night at my apartment.

    It has a built-in pump, which makes it almost TOO easy to use. You just plug it in, turn it on, and watch it do all the hard work for you.

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    You never have to worry about losing pieces to the pump or running out of battery as it's all electric. Plus, the cord can be tucked away in the little compartment so you're not tripping over it. Once you're done, just roll it up and store away.

    But don't just take it from me! Take a look at its more than 9,000 reviews on Amazon, 56% of which are five stars.

    She-Ra /

    "I had pretty low expectations for a $27 air mattress. I bought three for a 'glamping'-style slumber party. These beds AMAZED me! Everything: the self-contained pump, ample room to store the cord, easy to inflate/deflate, and fits right into the storage bag. No frustration at all. I was so impressed by them that I felt compelled to write a review." —She-Ra

    "Excellent value. After it arrived, I inflated it. It began to become deflated over a day. I wondered if it was leaking or stretching. I refilled. It slowly deflated over a day. Again, I wondered if it was leaking or stretching. A third day, it deflated and I refilled. I've left it up for a week. It is no longer deflating. Therefore, I would say that the material has to stretch out. It is NOT leaking, and the material has to STRETCH! This is exactly what the card in the box tells you. Be patient. Give it a try. It's a great air bed and a great price." —Julie K.

    As for comfort, it's still an air mattress, so don't expect it to feel like a bed of feathers and clouds. That said, it's pretty comfortable and will provide a decent night's rest, and is available in both a twin and queen size.

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    "My husband had to move out of state for a new job. We needed to purchase something comfortable for him to sleep on. We didn't want to purchase a bed, and we didn't want to rent a truck as that would have been too costly. He has been sleeping on this every night for almost two weeks and says it is wonderful. He also has had back issues in the past, which also concerned me but he said his back has been fine and he has had very restful sleeping." —Tech Insider

    After four years, I can say this mattress is still going strong as ever.

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    I always do a quick vacuum before laying it down — which might have something to do with how long it's lasted — but I honestly have full faith in this mattress and would recommend it to anyone. May you and your guests sleep well!

    Get a twin size from Amazon for $27, or a queen size from Walmart for $44.99 or Amazon for $56.99.

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