This Man Came Up With A Great Way To Help Feed People In Need

    It's called the "Blessing Box" and it's proof there is still good in the world.

    Everyone, please meet Roman Espinoza and his blessing box. Espinoza lives in Watertown, New York, and he recently built a mini food pantry on his front lawn to help feed those in need.

    His solution to helping his community was to build the blessing box. He stocked the pantry with non-perishable goods, and the community rallied together to help with the rest.

    The blessing box has been such a success that Espinoza is currently building two additional boxes to put around town.

    And — it turns out — Espinoza isn't the only one helping out his town with mini food pantries. Lots of "blessing boxes" have been set up around different communities — like this one in St. Petersburg, Florida.

    Or this one in Reedsburg, Wisconsin!

    And this one in Morrilton, Arkansas.

    Don't have a blessing box where you live? You can find your local food bank here.