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    30 Things To Help You Have The Coziest Day At Home

    "I am never leaving." —you and me

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    1. Indoor fleece slippers that'll envelope your feet in warmth and cuteness and love — which, ya know, are the three pillars of winter.

    2. Amoretti peppermint syrup so you can concoct and enjoy a PEPPERMINT MARGARITA (or perhaps a latte, anyone?) without having to leave your super cozy house. It just doesn't get better than that.

    3. Aaaand! A battery-operated handheld mixer for whipping up a heavenly frothy milk concoction right at home — you know, so you literally don't have to leave your super cozy house.

    4. A hooded, faux-fur robe — like, the KING OF ROBES — you're guaranteed to wear at all times around the house, and maybe even outside of the house (I am not stopping you!!).

    5. Crew-style knit socks that'll make you want to IMMEDIATELY curl up with a cup of cocoa and a good book. Plans? With other people?! In this climate!?!?!

    6. A faux-sheepskin throw for transforming dull, uncomfortable seating (or, hello, a coffee table!!!) into a glam retreat you'll never want to leave. Oh, just think all the books waiting to be read atop this fluffy thing.

    7. And, velvet pillow covers to take your couch from stiff and borin' to a heavenly and toasty escape. I vote you buy eight of these, bury your sofa with them, and then dive head first after work. What is the outside world like...I forgot.

    8. A hand lettering beginner book so you can pick up a fun new hobby and pretend that the world isn't, you know, on fire and such. This guide includes detailed instructions for nine lettering styles and will teach you all the basics you need for some flawless penmanship.

    9. A wintery-scented (yes, that's a thing) soy candle, because nothing — and I mean NOTHING — beats lighting a candle and sinking into a fluffy blanket while you watch a movie.

    10. Speaking of blankets, an incredibly soft throw that's actually so soft you'll end up lookin' like this cat — which hey, is fine with me:

    11. A bathtub tray with compartments for bath time essentials (in order of importance): wine, books, iPads, phone, snacks, and soap. Cancel any plans you had right this instance.

    12. Aaaand, snow flake bath bombs so you can enjoy the wonders of snow *inside* without actually having to go *outside*.

    13. String lights that'll create the BEST atmosphere for classic winter activities — think movie marathons, game nights, book sessions, and not leaving your house.

    14. Hot toddy diagram glasses to cozy up with after a busy day of festive activities — or after a crazy week of holiday chaos.

    15. A Disney and Thomas Kinkade adult coloring book with a colored-in version, because coloring can be so therapeutic. Just grab your colored pencils, a cup of coffee, and kiss all responsibilities goodbye.

    16. An oversized faux-shearling jacket so you always feel like you're being swaddled in a (VERY cute) cloud when you're out and about.

    17. A matching velvet pajama set with lace trim and a whole lotta fanciness for a small price tag. This and your fluffy robe? A+ in the comfy department.

    18. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite so you can take your favorite books with you wherever you go — like, IDK, to a fireplace in a cute cabin while the leaves change colors.

    19. A flannel pajama set you should buy with the warning that you may never want to take them off and therefore never want to leave your house. I mean that's the plan anyway, so.

    20. A mega-plush shag rug to cushion your feet as you crawl out of bed. Cold floors in the morning? No thanks!

    21. A comfy and incredibly adorable bralette you'll willingly want to wear under your pajamas all day. Or by itself, whichever you prefer.

    22. A tin of festive tea, because winter is all about cinnamon and spice and everything nice.

    23. A soft flannel if you want to change out of your pajamas and into your new house uniform. A must for a day inside.

    24. A sleek lil' record player so you can play Michael Bublé's Christmas album year round, don't @ me.

    25. A doormat that'll show all your guests what your house is all about: BEING COZY.

    26. A huggable llama cooling and heating pad filled with natural buckwheat grains and lavender to comfort you whenever you're cold, or feelin' sick, or have cramps, or just because!

    27. A macrame hammock chair guaranteed to become your favorite spot in the house for some "me time".

    28. And wine glasses with a clever straw and might I say cute little legs for an adult sippy cup that involves minimal movement on your part. Cheers.

    You and me allll winter long:

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