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    23 Things That Are Way Too Real If You Sunburn Easily

    Suns out, burns out.

    1. There's always that group of people that has to point out the obvious.

    Twitter: @itslstock

    OH REALLY I HAD NO IDEA I HAD A SUNBURN. Thx for your extremely helpful observation.

    2. Once you have been burned to a crisp, simple everyday tasks become horribly painful.

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    3. And once-beloved showers are now your worst nightmare.


    4. Putting on clothing feels like this:

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    5. You can forget about putting on any makeup for the next week.

    6. The only thing that comforts you during such a dark time is lathering aloe all over your body and sitting in front of the fan.


    But that smile will not last long. The tears shortly follow.

    7. Nobody should even think about touching you.


    Actually, don't even look at me.

    8. Because there is a special place in hell for people who slap sunburns.

    Twitter: @iBeAdrian

    Is this what betrayal feels like?!

    9. Which basically means that sunscreen is life. Water, you can do without — but sunscreen is EVERYTHING.


    10. Hence why you own so much of it.


    11. It's a really hilarious joke when someone offers you SPF 15.

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    HAHA good one.

    12. Applying sunscreen to your lips isn't a's a damn priority.

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    13. You know overcast weather is just a cruel joke from the sun, who is still up there hiding behind the clouds and secretly roasting you.


    You can't hide from me, sun. I know what you're up to!!!

    14. So you're screwed even when you think your jeans will protect you from the sun's evil rays.

    15. You may have, once or twice, thought you could get away with not wearing sunscreen, but the sun quickly gave you a reality check.

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    That peels, blisters, and sometimes bleeds.

    16. Speaking of peeling...

    17. But deep down you kinda get excited to peel off your dead skin.

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    You deserve it.

    18. Like skin pouches are your reward for all the suffering you've endured.

    19. Sometimes, though, your sunburn swells up, which just proves that the sun is out to get you.

    20. And your completely fried self emanates heat with the intensity of a thousand suns.

    21. The heat feels so strong that you literally think you're on fire.

    22. People think you're being overdramatic about the whole thing.


    They don't know your pain!!!

    23. You have strong feelings of hatred for people who say, "Oh, I never burn!"

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