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    17 Things You’ll Relate To If Your Mom Is The Freaking Best

    Moms are the best.

    1. You can't go long periods of time without seeing each other:

    2. Which means you HAVE to call her about pretty much everything that happens to you:

    3. Your mom always comes through on holidays:

    4. You know your mom DOES. NOT. FORGET:

    5. And she'll come for the people who've wronged you:

    6. You're really protective of your the point where you act like the parent:

    7. But she is too, so she's always keeping tabs on you:

    8. And you try to do the same, but you're broke:

    9. Sooooo, you have to ask her for money:

    10. You know where you get your sass and fierceness from:

    🗣HOLLERING !!! My mother has no chill!!

    11. But at the same time you know she is innocent and must be protected at all costs:

    12. She's your number one cheerleader:

    13. And encourager:

    14. You come up with ways to ease the pain of missing each other:

    15. And to help each other get out of ~situations~:

    my mom is so extra 😂😂😂

    16. Yeah, you're best friends. But also, she's your hero — and you're her baby.

    First day of kindergarten to graduation and my mom is still as proud as ever😇💖

    17. And when it comes down to it, you just love the crap out of your mom: