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    33 Products That'll Do Nothing But Make Your Life Easier

    It's what you deserve!!!

    1. A steaming tray you simply slip into the microwave with your meat, veggies, and a little water, and in minutes you'll have a delicious meal waiting for you.

    2. Or! A silicone freezer tray that'll freeze perfectly portioned leftovers until you're ready to 'em again. Soup, pasta, and your favorite meals are just a microwave zap away.

    3. A roll-on anti-blister and -chafing formula to give your feet and thighs some sweet relief on hot, sweaty days. I love summer, but I do NOT love chafing and blister season — no I do not.

    4. And if painful blisters do strike, a compact case of hydrocolloid bandages with a gel guard designed to treat blisters while you wear them. Plus, they're super sticky and cushy so they'll stay on and give you extra support.

    5. ~Handy~ nail clippers featuring a rotating swivel head and extra-long handles that'll give you easier access to hard-to-reach nails so you can get a clean cut for once.

    6. A password logbook, because nobody wants to argue with their computer after a long day of work. I mean, I think *you* know who your best friend and what your favorite pizza topping is!!!

    7. A cloud-shaped magnetic key holder to make certain your days are free from the stressful, frantic, and all-too-common car key search.

    8. A microwave pasta maker that'll cook, strain, and create a full meal for you while you sit on the couch and catch up on all your shows. You know, the important stuff.

    9. Labeled closet dividers, because your morning time is valuable and should not be wasted on looking for specific pieces of clothing. After all, you have some sleeping in to do!!!

    10. A large hair diffuser adapter compatible with most blow dryers to help you achieve frizz-free, natural curls without having to spend money on an entirely new dryer. Goodbye, flyaways. Hello, sleek blowouts at home.

    11. A microwave omelette maker so you can whip up a delicious breakfast in under five minutes and not be totally hangry by 10 a.m.

    12. An under-cabinet lid opener so you don't have to spend your peaceful evening battling a jar.

    13. The Tidy Cup, a handy little invention that catches all those excess little drips your mega-sized laundry detergent and softener bottles like to leave mounds of for you to discover on your shelves later.

    14. And while were on the topic of laundry (so exciting!), a magnetic washer/dryer guard to prevent your socks and tiny garments from tragically slipping behind. I mean, who knows what lurks beneath those appliances...

    15. A set of toe caps that'll protect ingrown nails, corns, blisters, and other painful areas and prevent them from rubbing in your shoes. Its latex-free gel material also moisturizes skin and promotes healing.

    16. Bed bands to keep your fitted sheet in its dang place for once, because we don't have time nor the patience to fight with our bedding.

    17. A zipper puller for zipping up your favorite dress *all the way*, even when there's no one around to give you a hand. Honestly, this is genius.

    18. A three-compartment lid organizer that'll put an end to the days of lid waterfalls. You know — it happens when you're just innocently opening up your cabinets and then every single plastic lid tumbles out on you.

    19. A dual-blade package opener to *safely* (safely being the key word here) open up boxes, bottles, and mail. You know, 'cause it's not the best idea to use a giant butcher knife to slice through boxes!

    20. A retractable lib balm holder — and may you never again lose another Chapstick to the depths of your purse, jacket, drawer, and car. Good luck.

    21. A cup holder designed to fit on shopping carts so you don't have to chug your Starbucks before hitting the grocery store. Now you can stroll, shop, and sip — as one should.

    22. Slow-cooker liners you can basically consider a miracle in a box. Simply toss after cooking, and you won't have to scrub your muscles off trying to remove any baked-on residue!

    23. A laundry board that makes it incredibly easy to fold all of your clothes with precision, ensuring that everything looks tidy in your drawers and closet. It's like you took it all to the laundromat. 😍

    24. A double-sided, dressing aid tool with one side for assisting with buttoning and the other for zipping up jackets, because the last thing you want in the morning is to get into a war with your clothes.

    25. A digital measuring tape you'll be ~inching~ to get your hands on so you can quit squinting at those extremely, teeny tiny lines.

    26. A baggy rack that clips to bags and props them up so you can get all your leftovers safely inside without the fuss of spills.

    27. A "Sock Dock" — your foolproof way to ensure no sock gets lost in the black hole that is your dryer. Simply clip on your dirty socks, wash and dry, and smile because *all* of your pairs are still there.

    28. A compact hair roller so you don't have to lug out a giant vacuum just to remove the mounds of pet hair that's accumulated on your couch. That's time consuming and too much effort!

    29. Shower curtain rings with two separate hangers for your curtain and liner that'll make it incredibly easy to remove either for cleaning. Save the precious free time you have during the week to do fun things, instead of fighting to get your grimey curtain off.

    30. A manual scalp massager brush that can not only help you relax on hectic days, but reduce flakiness and oily build-up from regular use of hair products. Dandruff has no room in your house!

    31. A silicone face mask "brush", because mask application can be a time-consuming and messy endeavor...but not with this! It's actually just one soft, flexible piece of silicone — meaning you'll waste significantly less of your mask.

    32. A drink tracking bottle that'll help you remember to put water in your body while you're working away. We love to feel hydrated and healthy, yes we do!

    33. And heat-resistant toaster bags for reheating sandwiches, fries, and other should-be crispy foods the RIGHT way — aka, not in the microwave where they tragically turn soggy. You can also make a quick grilled cheese with these things, you're welcome.

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