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    Posted on Jul 29, 2017

    Here's What Kind Of Lake Houses You Can Buy With A Million Dollars

    Who doesn't love to pretend shop for waterfront homes?

    1. You'll basically be royalty in this Vonore, Tennessee lake house (listed at $999,900).

    This four-bed, four-bath home sits on almost three acres of land and is parked up right next to the Little Tennessee River. Just think of all the classy parties you could have.

    2. $570,000 can get you this massive lake house in Tahoe Vista, California (impeccable panoramic views of Lake Tahoe are included).

    This stunning four-bath, three-bed lake house is on a private resort with a spa, pool, and workout facility so you can stay relaxed.

    3. Hello there, 4,600-square-foot cabin mansion! This Bellaire, Michigan lake house is on the market for $979,000.

    It's got five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is right on Lake Bellaire. It also comes with an additional kitchen on the second floor, no big deal.

    4. If you have a casual milli to spare, you can buy this ginormous lake house in Houston, Texas for $999,964.

    This Texas dream house comes with four beds, four baths, a huge kitchen right off of the living the room, and a backyard patio that overlooks Lake Houston.

    5. This secluded house in Winchester, Wisconsin — selling for $547,000 — is right on the water with private access to Harris Lake.

    Your million dollars can get you this five-bed, three-bath lake house (3,216 square feet!!) and you'll have some cash left over! It also comes with a built-in bar so you can spend your remaining budget on lavish parties. Good work.

    6. You can buy this quaint waterfront home in Sunapee, New Hampshire for a mere $995,000.

    With four beds, two full baths, and two half-baths, this charming lake house provides lots of space and keeps you close to Lake Sunapee.

    7. This beaut in West Milford, New Jersey has a fire pit, pool, patio, another fire pit, and comes in right at $999,999.

    This amazing lake house on Lake Greenwood comes with five beds, three full baths, an in-law suite, and comes in at 2,853 square feet. (I wish I had a million dollars right now.)

    8. You could get this mountain palace in Harrison, Idaho for $825,000.

    Um, hello, and welcome to paradise. Not only does this three-bed, three-bath lake house come with some views, it also has a huge deck and a hot tub that overlook Harrison Slough.

    9. For an easy $850,000 you could be the owner of this Grand Lake, Colorado cabin.

    Take a deep breath of that mountain air! This three-bed, one-bath cabin is right off of Grand Lake so you can easily hit the water.

    10. You could use your mili to buy this cabin in Bigfork, Montana; it costs a cool $825,000.

    This three-bed, two-bath cabin — which I think I built as a kid with my Lincoln Logs set — is right off Swan Lake and has an expansive backyard porch.

    11. If anyone wants to lend me $875,000, I'd like to purchase this 4,500-square-foot masterpiece in Chelan, Washington.

    If you think you're in Beverly Hills right now, think again. This four-bed, three-bath house has a WALK-IN CLOSET, people — and it just so happens the views of Lake Chelan are amazing.

    12. With your recently inherited mil, you can purchase this lavish lake house in Saugatuck, Michican for $870,000.

    This quaint cottage comes with five beds, three baths, and a private dock by the Kalamazoo River, and the screened-in porch allows you to entertain with minimal bug interference!

    13. A million dollhairs can buy you two lakefront homes in Eureka Springs, Arkansas! This one is selling for $385,000.

    Welcome to the cutest lake house in Eureka Springs! It comes with four beds, three baths, a large deck, AND a super cool garden that overlooks the water.

    14. In Ferrisburgh, Vermont, you can get a lake house AND a dock house for $895,000.

    This newly renovated three-bed, two-bath wonder home comes with a large deck perfect for entertaining. Oh, and throw in a private dock house with dreamy views of Fields Bay.

    15. And for the grand finale: This humongous lake house in Skaneateles, New York can be yours for just $999,000.

    Time to move your entire family, best friends, and literally whoever else — because this waterfront 4,229-square-foot mansion has six beds, six baths, and is 90 feet from Skaneateles Lake.

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