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    23 Little Internet Browsing Tricks That Will Make Your Life Better

    Save money, increase productivity, and look at more cute dogs and cats.

    1. If your boss walks by and you have a bunch of unrelated work tabs open...quickly hide them with Panic Button.

    Panic Button

    The Panic Button Chrome extension will hide all of your tabs with one quick click. Once you're in the clear, you can easily unhide them all.

    2. If you have too many tabs all the time, check out OneTab. It will convert all of your tabs into a single list so you don't feel the pressure to keep them open.


    3. Add the Grammarly Chrome extension to easily ensure your emails, social media posts, and messages are free from mistakes!

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    Don't be the person who doesn't proofread — that's just embarrassin'!

    4. Get rid of all the clutter surrounding articles with Mercury Reader.

    Mercury Reader

    Now you can peacefully enjoy your online news without ads and distractions. Thank the heavens.

    5. If you need a little pick me up — like, say, every time you open up a new tab — try out My Dogs New Tab! Every tab opened gives you sweet lil' pups to look at.

    My Dogs New Tab

    6. Don't worry! There's one for cats too.

    My Cats New Tab

    7. Give your internet life a personal touch with personalized tabs via Momentum.


    Say goodbye to boring tabs with a customized dashboard. You can add goals, motivational quotes, fun pictures — whatever your heart desires!

    8. Here's a fun fact for Mac users: press Command + Control + Space Bar to bring up the emoji keyboard.

    Kayla Suazo

    9. Receive specific notifications tailored to your interests with IFTTT.


    You can add songs from YouTube to a Spotify playlist, receive a notification if it's supposed to rain in your area, get an email from the New York Times with any breaking news, and a whole lot more. It's amazing.

    10. If you are having one of those unproductive days, try Strict Workflow. It will block distracting sites for 25 minute increments so you can actually get work done.

    Strict Workflow

    Don't worry, it's literally 25 minutes. You'll be fine!

    11. Save money while shopping online with Honey.


    Honey, a simple Google Chrome extension, will search the internet for any coupons and discounts when you are checking out online at your favorite stores! I love life.

    12. Receive emails from The Camelizer when a product you've had your eye on drops in price.

    The Camelizer

    Bonus: you can also track an item's pricing data!

    13. With Hover Zoom, you can enlarge images by hovering your mouse over a thumbnail.

    Hover Zoom

    A life-saver when you're online shopping. No more opening a zillion tabs!

    14. Use Turn Off the Lights to dim the area around videos for a better viewing experience.

    Turn Off the Lights

    15. Instead of bookmarking, try Evernote. You can clip links to web pages or full articles and easily save them for later.


    16. Do basic math in the Google search bar.

    Kayla Suazo

    17. Type "Atari breakout" in the Google Images search bar to play the game!

    Kayla Suazo

    18. You can also play Pacman by typing that into the Google search bar.

    Kayla Suazo

    Will I ever work again now that I know these things?!

    19. Google Translate is already amazing, but the Chrome extension makes it super easy to translate text to your own language.

    Google Translate

    You can also use it to translate sentences and full pages.

    20. Google search any actor or actress plus, "Bacon number," and find out their degree of separation from being in a movie with Kevin Bacon.


    This one is obviously very important.

    21. Find out the exact code for colors you like with help from ColorZilla.


    Use the advanced eyedropper to select any color from a web page and ColorZilla will give you that color's code! It's great.

    22. Black Menu for Google is a handy dandy Chrome extension that let's you easily access your mail, calendar, drive, and more.

    Black Menu for Google

    Now all your go-to bookmarks are in one location!

    23. Last, you can set yourself a timer using the Google search bar.

    Kayla Suazo

    After the timer is up, your device will alert you.

    Ahh, I love when life is easy.