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    28 Pastel-Colored Kitchen Products Guaranteed To Make Your Heart Swoon

    ROYGBIV...but make it pastel.

    1. A set of lil' snack bowls in the perfect range of pastels that your cupboard is practically begging you to buy. Seriously, it's ~hungry~ for something as cute as these!

    2. Mint green pot holders and oven mitts that'll *heat up* your kitchen with some serious charm. It's just such a lovely, soothing color and shouldn't a kitchen always feel like that?

    3. A multi-colored knife set – assign each one for meats, produce, breads, etc., while adding a bit of sweet color to your kitchen.

    4. A sleek, cream-colored toaster that's honestly so gorgeous, you'll *want* it out on your counter for all your guests to admire.

    5. A nine-piece silicone utensil set – WHO GAVE THESE THE RIGHT?! These give my current set (and, really, my entire kitchen) a run for its dang money.

    6. A fabulous little bento box so stylish, you won't hesitate packing a lunch.

    7. A 16-piece dinnerware set with a subtle blue brushstroke detailing that belongs in your kitchen! One more time for the people in the back, 🗣 you need these dishes!

    8. A set of stoneware measuring cups guaranteed to make you feel like you're Sleeping Beauty's godmothers, just livin' in a precious cottage and whipping up blue — no, pink! no, blue! — cakes.

    9. An eco-conscious sandwich bag that's dishwasher and microwave safe, and made from food-grade silicone that's free from nasty chemicals. It's also really cute, so, do with that what you will.

    10. A teensy retro-style microwave perfect for compact spaces — and I don't think my heart (or wallet) can make it through the rest of this post!!!

    11. A ceramic utensil jar your wooden spoons and spatulas will flip for. Seriously, your regular flatware will be green (correction: mint green) with envy after seeing this.

    12. A bread box to keep your loaves and pastries from turning into crumbly rocks so you actually have a chance to eat them. Protect carbs at all costs!

    13. A set of salt and pepper grinders that are enough reason to throw a dinner party. Really, these are too pretty to not show off to every human on this planet.

    14. An egg cooker (in a dreamy mint color) for cooking up the *perfect* boiled egg in under 10 minutes. This handy gadget ensures you never again have to Google, how do you boil an egg?

    15. Mason jar measuring spoons because something as darling as these ~kneads~ to be in your cookware collection.

    16. A pair of pretty in pink meat claws for shredding brisket, pork, chicken, and whatever other meat you can dream up, with complete ease.

    17. A space-friendly, countertop kettle to quickly boil water for all your hot-water needs. And with this pistachio-green color, you'd be nuts not to buy it.

    18. A set of ceramic non-stick cookware because nothing screams adult-life more than matching pots and pans. Also, I can't get over this cream color, so there's that.

    19. A vintage-style cookie jar so you have even MORE of a reason to constantly bake fresh cookies.

    20. A mini waffle maker that'll serve two very important jobs in your life: to make bb waffles and be the cutest gadget in all the land.

    21. A copper-coated stainless steel gadget set with soft pink handles you have to make room in your drawers for. I mean, the copper and the pink! It's too much beauty for my eyes to take.

    22. A KitchenAid mixer because the time has come to splurge on this workhorse. The only tough part will be selecting the perfect color because this beauty comes in tons of soothing pastels.

    23. A hand-blown glass tumbler with a spill-resistant lid and thermal sleeve so you can take your coffee or tea on the go. I don't *need* all these pretty colors...but I *want* them. Or maybe I do need them. 🤔

    24. A stoneware teapot that'll make you want to throw all the tea parties just because darn well you can!

    25. A whimsical unicorn tea mug for the days when you just need some more magic in your mornings — and I think we could *ALL* use more of that.

    26. A set of ceramic canisters with teensy spoons so your coffee, sugar, and flour have the most stylish home. These are so adorable, you should absolutely leave them out in your kitchen.

    27. A two-in-one strainer and bowl that'll make it even easier to wash fruit, drain pasta, and save your food from falling down the drain.

    28. And lastly, a glass cutting board featuring a faux-quartz pattern because we have to end this thing with a real ~gem~. <3

    Literally me to every single product in this post:

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