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    Keurig's New Coffeemaker Has An Iced-Coffee Feature, And Yup, Heaven Is Real

    It's a ~brewtiful~ day to be alive.

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    Hello and welcome. I am here today to tell you some very exciting information: *Taps mic.* The new Keurig model has the capability to brew iced coffee!!!!

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    I think I speak for all of us when I say these Minions truly match our level of excitement!

    The Keurig K-Elite ($160) — aside from being sleek and, dare I say, sexy — has new and improved features that (IMHO) make it the best single-serve coffeemaker on the market.,

    Yes, it can make iced coffee! Plus it also has a ton of other cool options, like high-altitude mode, auto-shutoff, a detachable water filter, and more (all of which I will expand on in a sec.)

    I recently added one of these to my kitchen — and boy oh boy, has it made my mornings more seamless, and this miserably hot summer actually bearable.

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    The first thing I will address is that there is no touchscreen on this model — something that I thought I’d miss after using the older models but have actually grown to really like. It has simple but helpful settings that my extremely old Keurig didn’t, the first and most important one being the iced-coffee feature, which is truly amazing. You simply fill up a **PLASTIC** cup with ice and brew as you regularly would with a K-cup. I poured my iced coffee into a glass after it was done brewing, for ~aesthetic purposes~, but if you put ice in a glass and pour a hot beverage over it…I mean, you know, it will shatter.

    This coffeemaker offers five brew sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz.), temperature control, and a high-altitude feature to ensure it works properly at altitudes higher than 5,000 feet. The water reservoir is 75 oz., and math is hard so I will let you figure out how many cups you can get out of one refill, but I will say it does last a while.

    On top of all that, it also has an attachable water filter in the reservoir, which is a nice addition that my old model didn't have. Plus: a descaling light that lets you know when you need to buy descaling solution and give it a good cleaning to keep it working properly.

    Another reason I adore the K-Elite (you know...besides the iced-coffee feature) is the auto-on and auto-off settings I can set to line up with my schedule, which ultimately conserves energy.

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    Also, I realize this nifty feature is available on other models, but I literally had one of the first Keurigs around and this is a big upgrade for me — so give me this moment of excitement! Anyway, I can set it to automatically turn on and warm up at 7 a.m. (around the time I wake up) and then to shut off two hours later. This handy option means I don't have to worry about switching it off before I leave for work and hogging up unnecessary energy — helping out both my wallet and the planet in the process. Win-win.

    Plus, there other coffee lovers out there who think this Keurig is just as great as I do! It has 4.4-star rating on Amazon, with five-star reviews making up 70% of 'em.

    "I bought this coffeemaker to replace my classic Keurig that I'd been nursing along for several years. It's a beautiful piece of work. Brushed silver sides, big water reservoir, five cup sizes, lit buttons, and even a blue LED light that illuminates the water reservoir! It looks and feels well-built even though it's incredibly light. Matter of fact, when I lifted the box it was shipped in, it was so light I thought the wrong item had been sent. My classic Keurig was a heavy monster compared to this. I'm very happy with this and can't recommend it enough." —NancyP

    "My first Keurig lasted for five years of HARD daily use; I bought this one as a replacement and we absolutely love it. We love the brew strength and other features. The black and brushed steel with the blue backlight in the water chamber make this unit look far classier than my old machine. Definitely worth the money." —Maureen Hudson

    In short, I — as the hip folk say these days — stan this coffeemaker, and I have good reason to believe you might too once it's in your hands.


    Get it from Amazon for $163+ (available in two colors).

    And! Get a variety 40-pack of K-cups from Amazon for $23.74.

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