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    32 Stunning Engagement Rings You Can Get On Etsy

    These are truly the ~gems~ of wedding rings.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This breathtaking rose gold ring and band set with an aquamarine stone that you'll never want to take off.

    2. This pear-shaped diamond that's sweet, dainty, and can be paired with a just-as unique wedding band.

    3. This elegant moonstone teardrop because you and your fiancé are truly ~out of this world~ and everyone should know it.

    4. This Mozambique garnet surrounded in a mix of champagne and white diamonds which is definitely made for a queen (you, duh).

    5. This moissanite stone with a magical twisted band that looks like it was handmade by a fairy.

    6. This sleek black ring that's lined with white oak from a whiskey barrel so you can say ~rye~ do the right way.

    7. This natural-pink morganite stone featuring an exquisite emerald cut because you deserve to feel fancy all the time, not only on your big day.

    8. This conflict-free, manmade diamond that has an oval cut and stunning halo so your finger always feels extra sparkly.

    9. This vintage-style ring with the sweetest leaf detailing.

    10. This simple band that has pretty clusters of diamonds and a thin width so it's perfect for stacking.

    11. This ornate sunrise design to remind you that just like the sun, love will always rise and show up.

    12. This tanzanite gemstone in a rich blue hue because you and your person are just as vibrant.

    13. This pear-cut black diamond and geometric band set that has such a special vibe, nobody you know will have anything like it.

    14. This gorgeous, cushion-cut moissanite with a scalloped halo so brilliant, it will hit you like a ray of sun.

    15. This antique-inspired marquise ring that's intricate and delicate while still being quite the statement-maker.

    16. This detailed vine and leaf wedding band you can customize by adding gems of your choosing.

    17. This freshwater pearl with diamond accents because your love is as deep as the sea.

    18. This mesmerizing opal cocooned in a bed of diamonds that you (and everyone who sees it!) won't be able to stop staring at.

    19. This conflict-free white sapphire that has a literal ~twist~ in its gem-detailed bands.

    20. This opulent cluster of rubies and diamonds because you're royalty and your finger deserves to have its own crown.

    21. This dazzling turquoise teardrop with a diamond halo setting that's sure to turn some heads.

    22. This charming moissanite ring that looks like Mother Nature herself crafted it with twigs and then dipped it in gold.

    23. This black diamond encompassed in different sized gems creating a lovely art-deco style ring you'll never stop receiving compliments on.

    24. This tungsten meteorite band that's made with pigmented glow powder so it literally lights up — just like you when you see your partner come home. *Wipes tear.*

    25. This geometric, ethically-sourced ring that features a salt and pepper diamond (yes, there is such a thing!) because you and your love are better together.

    26. This alluring opal in the most beautiful diamond and rose gold setting.

    27. This timeless three-carat diamond delicately surrounded by even more diamonds so you're always sparkling.

    28. This dazzling three-piece ring set with a rainbow moonstone and diamonds bands that I think was made with ice from Elsa's winter castle.

    29. This asymmetrical cluster that has different hues of sapphires and diamonds that'll add some brilliant color to your life.

    30. This princess-cut, solitaire moissanite that's elegantly simple and will stay in style through changing trends.

    31. This sweet, natural gem ring you can customize with a stone that perfectly fits your style.

    32. And this set of three triangle diamonds and a blue gem band that together form the shape of a mountainscape under the sky.

    Here's to love!

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