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    17 Simple And Cheap Gifts You Can Make Last Minute

    Simple gifts you can give to your friends and family...or yourself.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. Give the gift of pampering with easy homemade body scrubs.

    One Little Project

    Get the complete directions here.

    2. Or bath salts!

    Lemons, Lavender, & Laundry

    See how here.

    3. Make a custom candle in a cute mug.

    Sweet Cayenne

    All you need is a mug, candle wick, an old candle, and fragrance oils. Learn how to make them here.

    4. Add a personal touch to a cutting board for someone who loves to cook.

    All you need is wax paper and a printer! Get the directions here.

    For example: you can put their favorite recipe on a simple cutting board.

    Or, if you want to be a little fancier, you can get it done here (where it's engraved with fire).

    5. Take their favorite quote and make a simple art piece using puff paint, wax paper, and glue.

    See how to do this here.

    6. Frame a map of a memorable road trip you've taken with someone.

    Instructions here.

    7. Take a special photo and transfer it to canvas in a few easy steps.

    All you need is a gel medium, a paint brush, and a spray bottle. Get the complete steps here, or watch this handy video.

    8. Or personalize a set of lamps using the same technique.

    Learn more here.

    9. Get creative with your favorite photos and make a set of coasters.

    All you need is nail polish remover, tiles, a spoon or knife, and a brush. Make sure the photos you choose are printed with toner ink and not laser ink. See instructions here.

    10. Take a deck of cards and create a set of endearing memories or thoughtful words.

    Visual Heart / Via

    See more here.

    11. Take a framed photo to the next level by adding Scrabble tiles.

    Lauren Dahl / Via

    Learn more here.

    12. Or use them to make custom coasters.

    Perfect for displaying all of those inside jokes you have with someone! Instructions here.

    13. Add a sweet touch to letters with a personalized wax seal.

    Butterscotch and Beesting / Via

    See all the details here.

    14. Create a mini zen garden they can use to unwind and relax.

    Mind-blowingly simple. See here.

    15. Turn a plain mug into a masterpiece with nail polish!

    Watch the tutorial here.

    16. Or use a sharpie to write out a recipe or personalized message.

    Down a Little Lane / Via

    See details here.

    17. Slip custom messages in fortune cookies.

    You can put quotes, affectionate thoughts, or types of activities you plan on doing with them in the future. See how to make these here.

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