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13 Asshole Things People Do At Restaurants That Really Piss Off Servers

"The menu is not a canvas for your wildest imagination, unfortunately." H/T Quora

A recent Quora thread asked servers what unwritten rules they wish customers would abide by — or, in other words, what things they find super annoying. Here are the best responses:

1. When people stroll in and sit at a dirty table.

2. Or when a group sits at an empty table without talking to the host or hostess.

3. When someone makes a million changes to an order.

4. Or when a customer orders something that's not even on the menu.

5. When someone makes a list of incredibly annoying demands as if the restaurant was their own home.

6. When people lie about allergies. If the truth is you don't like a food, then just say that.

7. When a group shows up minutes before closing.

8. When a person snaps their fingers at the waitstaff.

9. When a customer addresses their server as "waiter" or "waitress."

10. When customers try to help with something and just get in the way.

11. When people touch their server.

12. When people try to steal seats at the bar.

13. Or when they request multiple seat changes.

Basically, be an understanding and decent human being and all will be well!