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    This $10 Defining Gel Will Give You The Best Dang Curls Of Your Entire Life

    Got curly or wavy hair? You need this $10 gel.

    You know what? Humidity sucks — plain and simple. It makes hair frizzy, ruins curls, and has everyone sweating (though the last part is not relevant to what we will be discussing, I just want to complain).

    If you have curly or wavy hair and are sick and tired of never-ending frizziness messing up your curls, then ohhh do I have a product for you. It's this $10 defining gel by DevaCurl and I think it just may be a wondrous potion in a bottle.

    And because a world without reviews would be a dark, hopeless place, I'd like to add this gel certainly has the reviews to back it up: over 1,400 of 'em and a 4-star rating on Amazon to be more exact. I mean, HELLO!

    It doesn't leave behind a weird film or residue like some gels are notorious for doing — and CHEERS TO THAT.

    Instead, it leaves all types of curls defined and bouncy.

    And even works on more wavy (rather than curly) hair!

    More pictures because AHHHH!!!

    Ok, I will leave you with these (just know I could keep going!!).

    Oh, there has never been a more accurate GIF for how I feel right now:

    Get it from Amazon (available in three sizes).

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