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    This $10 Defining Gel Will Give You The Best Dang Curls Of Your Entire Life

    Got curly or wavy hair? You need this $10 gel.

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    You know what? Humidity sucks β€” plain and simple. It makes hair frizzy, ruins curls, and has everyone sweating (though the last part is not relevant to what we will be discussing, I just want to complain).


    Here's me on a stupid humid day!!! I want to chop all my hair off and be done with it!

    If you have curly or wavy hair and are sick and tired of never-ending frizziness messing up your curls, then ohhh do I have a product for you. It's this $10 defining gel by DevaCurl and I think it just may be a wondrous potion in a bottle.

    It's a curl-defining gel that not only sends frizziness out the door, but also hydrates and nourishes hair. Plus its 100% sulfate, silicone, and paraben free! We love.

    And because a world without reviews would be a dark, hopeless place, I'd like to add this gel certainly has the reviews to back it up: over 1,400 of 'em and a 4-star rating on Amazon to be more exact. I mean, HELLO!

    Rishona / /

    "I have B3 type hair and I absolutely love this gel! My hair doesn't have any 'crunchy' feel to it nor does it flake after days of having it in. I'm also finding my hair has so much more curl to it because the product doesn't weigh down my curls in any way. I also loveeee that it doesn't leave a sticky residue on my hands from playing with my hair throughout the day. I went from using two to three products to style my hair to using ONLY this gel. I highly recommend it!" β€”Rishona

    It doesn't leave behind a weird film or residue like some gels are notorious for doing β€” and CHEERS TO THAT.

    curlyhairedgurl 83 /

    "IT WORKS MIRACLES ON MY VERY CURLY THICK HAIR!!! I frequently get complimented on my hair whenever I use this product. It forms a cast over each curl, then when it dries, it disappears β€” zero residue or flakiness. It leaves you with thick, beautiful, defined, shiny hair that makes you feel great. I honestly can't say enough good things about it. I usually buy drug store hair products but I happily make an exception for DevaCurl." β€”curlyhairedgurl 83

    Instead, it leaves all types of curls defined and bouncy.

    Kay / / Lil /

    "I am a HUGE fan of this gel. I use it in combination with the frizz-free foam, and I get bouncy and clearly defined curls. The key for me is to use a decent amount of product and then let it air dry. It will be crunchy once dry, but this is where the magic happens. Flip your head over, scrunch out the crunch, volumize at the roots, and then you're left with soft but defined curls. I'm so glad I finally found my holy grail products!" β€”Kay

    "My curl pattern is a 2B and my kids are a 3B-C. This works incredibly well in both of my kids' curls, and defines without making them crunchy. It definitely works best if applied to hair while really wet, and it smells SO GOOD! Next time I’ll buy the bigger size since it works so well for both of my kids curls!' I should also note I used it along with coconut creme." β€”Lil

    And even works on more wavy (rather than curly) hair!

    islandgirl / / Angie Kam /

    "Amazing stuff. My hair stylist showed me how to use it. Here's how: Use it when your hair is SOPPING wet, use a lot, clip it up, wrap your towel on it, and then do your makeup and what not. When you take your towel off your curls will be soft and defined all day. I use this with the other DevaCurl products and I LOVE the results." β€”islandgirl

    "I have fine wavy hair and this stuff works the best! I just scrunch it in after the shower, and let air dry. Then after it's completely dry, I scrunch it to break the 'caste' and I am good to go. On days that I don't shampoo or wet my hair in the shower, I just re-wet it a little bit with my hands over the sink. This gel works the best! I sometimes try cheaper gels, but I always come back to this one." β€”Angie Kam

    More pictures because AHHHH!!!

    D. Ellerbe / / katie /

    This stuff is amazing.

    "I have 4C type hair (very coarse). So I've been looking for a product for 18 months that would define my curls when I do a twist out. I use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Jane Carter Nourish and Shine and finally DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel right when I am about to two stand twist. My curls turned out AMAZING! I love this stuff." β€”D. Ellerbe

    "I have never gotten so many complements on my hair in my life. I use the leave-in conditioner, ultra defining gel, then finish with the curl cream and my hair is soft and super defined with no frizz. If you have curly hair this stuff is magic!" β€”Katie

    Ok, I will leave you with these (just know I could keep going!!).

    T_Brooks10 / / bahnessa11 /

    "This gives my hair the perfect amount of bounce with the perfect amount of hold without the hard or crunchy feeling that usually comes with gels for curls! I'm a customer for life!!!" β€”bahnessa11

    "I’ve used Curvaceous by Redken for the last 15 years and after trying this product, I’ll never go back to it! I shower before bedtime and let my hair dry overnight. Very low maintenance and beautiful curls." β€”T_Brooks10

    Oh, there has never been a more accurate GIF for how I feel right now:


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    Get it from Amazon (available in three sizes).

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