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15 Things People Actually Used To Believe About Women's Bodies That Will Make You LOL-sob

People thought women could only experience an orgasm if sperm were present. :-/

Unless otherwise noted, all facts are from Therese Oneille's Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady's Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners.

1. In the 19th century, scientists believed uterine diseases were caused by men “withdrawing” prior to ejaculation.

2. People also thought that women could only experience an orgasm from sperm.

3. And what, exactly, did they think a woman’s orgasm entailed? Just a "pulsating womb."

4. It was also believed that if a woman had sex in any position other than on her back, she would develop fungal growth in her fallopian tubes, get cancer, and then die.

5. Women thought that the best way to stay clean was to bathe in and inhale ammonia.

6. Women used to tie meat around their faces to prevent wrinkles because an aged face = a miserable soul.

7. Freckles were considered an impurity and were burned off with acid or ultraviolet radiation, aka the sun.

8. In order to achieve the "perfect" bosom, women rubbed cold water on their boobs to stimulate blood flow.

9. Prominent cheek bones and a flat chest were considered ugly.

10. People believed that sitting alone and keeping thinking to a minimum could help women gain weight.

11. If a woman was considered to be overweight, she might casually swallow a tapeworm.

12. Men thought some women menstruated "incorrectly," which in turn caused cramps, and then led to hysteria.

13. Oh, and a woman’s irregular and painful period was also seen as a result of her terrible personality.

14. There was a fear that virgins were at risk of having their menstrual blood build up in their hearts and lungs.

15. Don't relax quite yet! It was also believed that an irregular period would lead to death...from the blood tearing through a woman's brain and destroying her lungs.