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    27 Stylish Ikea Transformations That Will Make Your Stuff Look Expensive

    ♬ "Lemme upgrade you." ♬

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. Easily transform the Klubbo coffee table by covering it with marble contact paper.

    Get the directions for a similar project here.

    2. Glam up the Vittsjö nesting coffee table with gold spray paint and a faux marble finish.

    Get the full tutorial here.

    3. Get rid of the wrinkles from your Ikea slipcovers with a spray bottle filled with hot water.

    Intrigued? Get more info here.

    4. Use any of Ikea's floating kitchen cabinets as a hallway or dining room console.

    Get the full details here.

    5. Combine the Billy and Besta bookcases to create your own built-ins.

    Get the complete instructions here.

    6. And attach crown molding to the top of your Billy bookcases to make them look more like built-ins.

    7. Chic up a dresser with new knobs and paint.

    Simply Beautiful by Angela / Via

    Get the complete instructions here.

    8. Take the Kallax shelf unit and create your own banquette.

    Melodrama / Via

    Get the directions here.

    9. Turn the Metod kitchen cabinet into mid century modern storage unit.

    Learn how you can make one of your own here.

    10. Swap out sofa legs for a more modern look.

    Get complete instructions from The Blissful Bee.

    11. Add legs to an Eket shelving unit for a cute and simple night stand or end table.

    Get the full directions here.

    12. Jazz up the Lack table with decorative brass box corners.

    Get the full directions here.

    You can do the same thing on the Lack coffee table as well.

    13. Add of pop of color and dip-paint the Norden sideboard (now with drawers).

    Get the directions here.

    14. Make your own faux library catalog using the Hemnes shoe cabinet.

    Get the directions here.

    15. With some paint and a drawer handle, you can easily transform the Rast nightstand into cute bathroom storage.

    This hack comes from Redbook.

    16. Add leather pulls to a Malm dresser for a super easy upgrade.

    Get the directions here.

    17. Or to a set of Bestas.

    18. Add tufting to your sofa cushions for a mid-century modern vibe that only looks expensive.

    Get everything you need to know here.

    19. Use three-ply jute twine to wrap the cord of the Foto pendant.

    Get the directions here.

    20. Add some color to basic stepping stools with paint and wallpaper.

    This Little Street / Via

    Learn how to make them here.

    21. Or you can stain it and dip-paint the top!

    Now it actually passes as a side table or nightstand. See the tutorial on Yesterday's Sweetheart.

    22. Customize the Förhöja kitchen cart with new knobs and a fun paint color.

    Get the instructions here.

    23. Transform the Tarva dresser into a kitchen sideboard for extra storage.

    Get the tutorial here.

    24. Lay the Kallax on its side and create a mid-century console.

    Get the directions here.

    25. Or use a variety of stained paint sticks to cover the top of the the Kallax to create a reclaimed wood look.

    Full directions here.

    26. Add O'verlays to the Malm dresser for an easy upgrade.

    27. This work station actually makes the cutest bar cart.

    Get the directions here.