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    The Caraway Pan Set Is All That It's Hyped Up To Be, And Even More

    I have the egg and cleaning gifs to prove it.

    *Bangs cymbals, rings bells, screams with joy*: People who cook, those who love food, anyone out there — I need to tell you about Caraway's Ceramic Cookware ($395 for the set and available in six colors). Why? Because it is truly the world's greatest gift to kitchens, and I cannot recommend it enough.

    the green pan set in the organizing system on the counter top, with the lid organizer attached to the side of a fridge

    Ok, I'll just get right to it: These nonstick pans are unlike any cookware out there. Yeah yeah, I know, I am sure you've read something similar about some other pot — but when I say I think there was sorcery involved in creating these, I mean it! For starters, how dare they create a system with storage needs! in! mind!

    They also come in SIX gorgeous colors and if I had enough space in my house, I'd literally buy each set. I have the gray, but jeez, I need that reddish "Perracotta" color...

    Now...moving on to my favorite part of these bad boys. The ceramic coating is made with a nontoxic, mineral-based coating so your food doesn't soak up any toxins during cooking. Although, I am pretty sure it's actually made with magic, because literally nothing sticks to these pans:

    Really — I've cooked in these countless times, making a variety of different dishes, and no food has ever gotten stuck or burnt on. HELLO!

    And yes, it passes the cleaning test with flying colors!!!

    I could go on and on about the wonders of this beautiful pan set, but I will just leave you with this: If you're in the market for a new set, consider Caraway. While it is on the pricier side, their high-quality, nontoxic pans and storage system make it worth every. single. penny.

    pan set in the cream color styled on a table

    Get the set for $395 (available in six beautiful colors), or shop the pans individually here.

    Me after trading in my mismatched college set for the Caraway nonstick pans: