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    25 Beauty Products That Are Going To Change Your Damn Life

    Because you can never own *too* many hair, makeup, and skincare goodies.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. BH Cosmetics' Zodiac Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette has 25 (!!!) rich colors so you can create a variety of high-end looks on a budget.

    Promising review: "Probably one of my new favorite eyeshadow palettes. The mattes are so smooth and blend so easily while still keeping their pigmentation, and the metallics are probably some of the best I've found so far. 10/10 will buy this again once I hit pan." —Jess

    Get it from Ulta for $24.

    2. Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Ink is a ridiculously pigmented lip matte that lasts up to 16 hours. Touchups? I don't know her.

    Promising review: "Um, what!? I have been looking for the right long wear lipstick for forever. I've tried those dual 24-hour ones with the gloss on the other end and they make my lips peel — plus color cracks and fade. But this! I loved it so much I bought three colors and would have bought more if I thought I'd wear any others. I tested it on my hand and left the store, when it stayed three days later I bought one. After that I was in love. My ONLY slight negative is it's pretty sticky, sometimes even after it dries. But that doesn't bother me too much any way since I prefer to wear at least chapstick with it and then it feels fine. I also really like the applicator." —Jason

    Get it from Amazon (available in 20 colors).

    3. Frank Body's Magic Shimmer Oil hydrates skin, leaving behind a whimsical shimmer that's tint-free so your natural complexion still shines through.

    Promising reviews:

    "A little goes a long way and made my skin look so glowy, it didn’t stain or rub my white top which was amazing! Super happy." —Arianna D.

    "The word 'oil' scares me a lot in skincare but this is truly magical! Doesn’t make me feel oily, gives a beautiful glow, and somehow also evened out my skin tone???? THIS WORKS WONDERS!" —Kaela T.

    Get it from Frank Body for $21.

    4. L'Oreal's Wave Swept Spray enhances your natural hair so you can give your locks a break from the heat. Simply spray on damp hair to reduce frizziness and let your mane do its thing!

    Promising review: "I loooove this product. My natural hair is wavy and has always been unmanageable for me no matter which product I used, until I took a chance on this spray. From years of straightening I was unsure if this could really help bring out my natural curls and waves, but I was surprised when it did. I shower, put my hair up in a towel turban, do my makeup, then take my hair out and spray this evenly throughout my hair while lightly scrunching. It brings out my natural waves and helps lock in their shape all day without feeling heavy, greasy or crunchy. Highly recommend for those who love their natural waves, but want their shape to last all day!" —S2018

    Get it from Amazon for $3.97.

    5. Hourglass Cosmetics' Ambient Lighting Blush adds the perfect blend of color and shimmer to your cheeks. It's basically a perfect all-in-one blush and highlighter.

    Instagram: @hourglasscosmetics

    Promising review: "This blush is beautiful! At first I was kind of nervous to spend that amount of money on a blush that I hadn't tried, but I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it. I have fair skin and the Luminous Flush looks amazing. I normally always go back to using NARS Orgasm blush, but this is my new favorite. This blush really stays put throughout the day, and the gold tones in it make me look not so washed out and pale. I'm telling you, if you're on the fence about this one, get it!" —hjcole

    Get it from Sephora for $24+ (available in two sizes and 10 colors).

    6. Laura Mercier's Caviar Sticks take eyeshadows to an entirely new level thanks to its crease-resistant and creamy formula that you can snag in matte or shimmer finishes.,

    Promising review: "I was looking for an easy way to throw on shadow when I am running late and I discovered these during the holidays. They are amazing — not only do they have shine, they stay put all day and night. No creasing, no flaking, no smudging (once it's set, so smudge right after application), great color pay off. They might be a bit pricey but I really think they are a great product and I will continue to purchase them." —DaLyS

    Get it from Sephora for $29 (available in 16 colors).

    7. Drunk Elephant's *new* D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Serum creates a stunning bronze tint while also protecting your skin from nasty pollutants. All you have to do is mix with sunscreen, moisturizer, or serum, and your face will have a fresh, beautiful glow.

    Promising review: "Let me start by saying that the skin on my face is as white as they come because I use Retin-A, which also makes me super sensitive. I picked this up on a whim at Sephora a few days ago because let's face it, it's summer and I'm sick of my face not matching my body. I mixed this with three drops of my vitamin C serum when applied. I am pleasantly surprised with this color. The rest of my body is medium tan with yellow undertones. This serum is fabulous at matching with the rest of my body. Perfect amount of yellow and red to really give my face that sun-kissed summer glow without looking muddy. I am so thrilled with this product!" —khgreer

    Get it from Sephora for $36, and a highly-rated vitamin C serum from Amazon for $19.99.

    8. Bare Republic's Mineral Face Sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 30 protection is super lightweight and dries matte so it can easily be applied before foundation.

    Plus it's cruelty-free! ❤️

    Promising review: "Never got so excited about something in my life. I've been looking for an oil-free sunscreen for so long and couldn't find one. I came across a YouTube video a couple of days ago and this was the sunscreen the girl was using, and I finally found my skin care savior. This sunscreen goes on your skin as a cream and turns into a matte powder that isn't even noticeable. It can also serve as a primer under your makeup. I love, love, love this stuff and highly recommend it. A+++++." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $12.79.

    9. P.F. Candle Co.'s Unisex Eau De Parfum line is a collection of fine fragrances that embodies the same amazing scents as their wildly popular candles. My boyfriend and I have two bottles of these and we never leave the house without a few spritzes because they truly last all day.

    I have dropped $100+ on perfume and I mean this with my entire being: I have never been so impressed with a fragrance before. Not only are they amazing (I wear the Pinon scent, and my boyfriend wears Teakwood & Tobacco), but the story behind them is so neat. This company started making candles — which are also amazing — and then took those popular scents and transformed them to be wearable!!! I love that they made a fragrance for PEOPLE and not genders. These are so long-lasting (yet not overpowering) that my friends regularly tell me that I smell nice, which thank god, because I am literally a hot mess this summer.

    Get it from P.F. Candle Co. for $48 (available in five scents).

    10. Bombay & Cedar's beauty and wellness subscription box comes packed with vegan and cruelty-free goodies so you can discover new, amazing products and feel just as good on the inside as you do the outside!

    And on top of learning about different cruelty-free beauty products out there, this box also has other wellness items so you can add even more awesome products to your day-to-day life.

    Promising review: "This box is so wonderful. I love the different theme each month. It is obvious that the creators of this box take great care in curating its contents. All the items have been of high quality and very unique. I've received about four boxes total and I use most of the contents on a regular basis. I especially enjoy the essential oils. This box is definitely worth the price!" —Meaghan

    Get it from Cratejoy for $29.95+/month.

    11. Murad's MattEffect Blotting Perfector instantly absorbs oil and minimizes pores to give you mattified and refreshed skin anytime, anywhere. Unlike other blotting products, this has a transparent liquid formula that dries quickly (and flawlessly!).

    Promising review: "This is one of the most innovative and effective products I have ever used from Murad! You can wear it underneath or on top of makeup without interference, and it instantly mattifies, minimizes pores, and softens the skin. It looks as though you have fresh baby skin all day. Definitely an A+." —katecal

    Get it from Sephora or Ulta for $39.

    12. First Aid Beauty's Coconut Water Cream takes the wonders of actual coconut water to create a hydrating moisturizer that's rich in electrolytes and oil-free — so it's basically heaven for your skin.

    Promising review: "Really loving this moisturizer! It soaks into my skin so quickly in comparison to other moisturizers. It doesn't leave a film of lotion on your skin or residue, but I still feel very hydrated. Easy to begin makeup routine shortly after application and doesn't interfere with other products. It's more like a water gel than a lotion. Not a super strong moisturizer, would be better for summer, not dry winter air. smells heavenly!" —civilwarcamp

    Get it from Sephora for $34.

    13. Tweexy's nail polish holder slips on your finger and firmly holds the bottle so you can easily paint your nails. Just think, you could treat yourself to a mani/pedi in the car, or on a bus, or in the comfort of your own bed!

    Promising review: "Great little device! I like to do my nails just before I go to bed so that I can lay my hands on top of the sheets and let them dry as I go to sleep. The problem is, I would try to hold the bottle between my raised knees, and it would slip and slide around. With Tweexy, I can do my nails anywhere, without having to squeeze the bottle between my knees, or needing to have a flat surface to keep it on. My tween daughter loves it, too!" —Suzy

    Get it from Amazon for $10 (available in 11 colors).

    14. Tane-Luxe's Illuminating Self-Tan Drops are a tinted concentrate that magically turn your moisturizers, serums, or face oils into a bronze-y self tanner.

    Promising review: "I have used self tanners for over a decade and am amazed how they have improved in that time. I discovered Tan-Luxe and now I feel like every other self tanner I have ever bought is crap. It is so easy to use. I apply it in the evening, adding it to whatever moisturizer my dry skin requires at the moment, go to bed, and wake up to a gorgeous glow or tan depending on how many drops I have used. The scent is innocuous, there is no color transfer, and it last for four tog five days, the fade is natural and the color is totally adjustable. Absolutely amazing." —sherpagirl

    Get it from Sephora or Ulta for $49 (available in two shades).

    15. Sphynx's Portable Razor is a three-in-one kit featuring a refillable water spray bottle, a pre-shave bar, and two razor blades all in a compact design to make traveling a bit ~smoother~.

    Promising review: "It’s the perfect size for my bag. It shaves very close and keeps my skin very soft. Shaving does not need to be a shower exclusive anymore! It’s ideal for quick touch-ups on the go. Cute design too!" —MariaLala

    Get it from Free People for $15.

    16. Glow Recipe's Watermelon Jelly Sheet Mask quickly revives dry skin and takes the same refreshing properties from their (very popular) sleeping mask to ensure your face is at its softest.

    Promising review: "This jelly mask is wonderful! I appreciate that the mask comes in two pieces which allows for faces of different lengths to adjust. The smell of the mask is still the same watermelon scent as the other products in the collection, but not as strong; it doesn't scream Jolly Rancher. The mask is made of gel which I think is what helps deliver hydration quickly. It has a wonderfully cooling effect that isn't too much. It's a lovely mask and does what I would want it to when I need that extra boost of moisture." —itsbeck

    Even one of our BuzzFeeders swear by this mask! Read Sarah's full review (it's #1!).

    Get it from Sephora for $8.

    17. Pinrose x Sephora Collection's Clever Devil Brush set comes with five colorful brushes that are made with cruelty-free synthetic hair and not tested on animals. This is a limited edition set, so make sure you buy soon!

    Promising review: "I was hesitant towards these brushes at first because there’s lots of holographic sets out there already, BUT these are way different. It’s the perfect combo of face and eye brushes, especially for when I travel! I can just take my set and I’m able to create any look! The quality is really great and I love the fact that they’re cruelty-free!" —scentguru03

    Get them from Sephora for $48.

    18. Briogeo's Matcha and Apple Replenishing Superfood Shampoo is packed with nutrients to hydrate dull, parched hair. It's like eating healthy, but for your mane.

    Promising review: "This stuff smells SO AMAZING. It smells so fresh and clean, and it really does a great job of cleaning my hair. I wake up with soft, volumized hair with a little bit of texture and I absolutely love it. I cannot say enough good things about this shampoo." —christineleeee

    Get it from Sephora for $28 (also available in a conditioner version).

    19. Maybelline's Master Chrome Highlighters give your cheeks a stunning sheen and come in four colors so you can find one that accentuates your sparkle.,

    Promising review: "I admit it... I have a highlighter addiction. I probably have more highlighter products than any one person could possibly use in a lifetime. That being said, it takes a lot for me to be impressed and takes even more to fall in love with a highlighter and use it until it's empty. This highlighter is going to be one of these products. It. Is. Spectacular. The formula is amazing. It is SOO pigmented and buttery. It's buildable and blendable, and it sheers out beautifully. This highlighter is seriously 100x better than highlighters I've bought that are quadruple the cost. I am obsessed with it! It's affordable, it's gorgeous, it's long wearing, it's not too glittery. It's perfect. Yes... I said perfect." —TickTockAlice

    Get it from Amazon for $5.31+ (available in four shades).

    20. Soap & Glory's collection of body exfoliating scrubs are each made with hydrating ingredients to make dry and flaky skin a thing of the past. The only downside is you have to pick which one you actually want — or you could just buy them all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Promising review: "This scrub is amazing. The smell is unlike any other. It [Smoothie Scrub] smells literally like pancakes and syrup — there is no other way to describe it. The scrub feels great on the skin and does a great job exfoliating, but it is not super, super intense like a sugar scrub. Because of that, I love it even more since I can use it more often. If you are looking at any kind of body scrub stop reading this and go buy it!" —EriB

    Get the Smoothie Breakfast Scrub, Crush Body Scrub, or Flake Away Polish from Target for $11.19.

    You can also get the Flake Away Scrub and Smoothie Breakfast Scrub from Ulta for $15.

    21. Milani's Eyeshadow Primer preps your eyelids for any makeup look and prevents creasing, flaking, and fading from first application 'til the last call at the bar.

    I mean it! This has been a major part of my makeup routine for a year now, and I cannot speak highly enough about this $6 tube of eyeshadow primer. I even wrote an entire review about it, which I encourage you to read if you're even the slightest bit intrigued.

    Promising review: "I have tried many eyeshadow primers and this one is by far the best. I have oily eyelids, so the problem I have after a few hours is: missing eyeshadow. Ever since I started using this primer, my eyeshadow stays put. It really helps my oily eyelids. My eyeshadow doesn't disappear and it doesn't crease! I was hesitant to try it at first because I didn't think a drugstore primer would work, but it did. This is a must if you have oily eyelids!" —Tanya Lisette

    Get it from Target for $5.99 or Ulta for $6.99.

    22. Benefit Cosmetic's Brow Kit line gives you every tool you need to transform yourself into a brow pro — whether you're going for a natural look, or a bold and defined one.

    Promising review: "Holy matrimony. I just got home from a 12 hour shift sweating my tatas off the whole time and my brows are still perfecto. This set [Soft & Natural] guided me through the perfect shape and then legit locked them in place. This formula just seems to last longer on my skin and looks so natural, light, and simply heavenly. I got the blonde color and it's perfect. The brow set gel is clear, light, and prolongs the look, while the High Brow Pencil is a beautiful texture/color highlighter that gives you a youthful appearance. You get four transparent stencils and a nifty holder. The basic gist is that it gives you the bottom brow shape that sets you up for success at the top, and it works every time. If you're iffy about your current brown routine get this kit, it will not let you down my lovely ladies." —ninzzz

    Get the Defined & Refined Kit, Bigger & Bold Brows Kit, or the Soft & Natural Kit from Sephora for $34.

    23. Aquis' Lisse Luxe Hair Towel is made with fancy, ultra-fine fibers that are thinner than silk so your hair experiences less damage compared to the friction caused by regular towels (making it a wonderful product for thinning, delicate, and curly hair). It can also cut down dry time by 50%!

    Promising review: "I have long but seriously fragile hair which takes hours to dry — and when it does, it's usually frizzy, fluffy, and just generally a pain to deal with. When I tried this guy, I was blown away. I wasn't really expecting much because honestly how much difference could a towel make? A ton, apparently! First off, the packaging is darling and the towel is plenty big to handle all my hair with no problem. It's more than halved my drying time, and my hair looks healthier and smoother than ever. Seriously this towel rocks. I was truly dubious, but ahhh it's just so good!" —AdelynB

    Get it from Sephora for $30 (available in five colors).

    24. Murad's Rapid Relief Spot Treatment targets and reduces the size of those pesky sudden blemishes so your day doesn't wind up being extra ~zitty~.

    Promising review: "I went to Sephora to get a totally different product, but the girl there talked so highly about this product that I forgot about the other product I originally went there for. Unfortunately there was no more in stock, but she gave me a sample and that's literally all I needed to get hooked. Within a day my face started to clear up. I have since bought this product and whenever I have a breakout or feel one coming on, I just apply a thin amount over it and it's gone by the next day." —jesssmesss

    Get it from Sephora or Ulta for $22.

    25. And finally, Fenty Beauty's Moroccan Spice Palette features 16 long-lasting eyeshadows that range from sultry shimmers to majestic mattes that'll transform you into a unicorn-mermaid hybrid (or something with that type of magical stature!).

    Promising review: "THIS PALETTE IS LIFE-CHANGING. When I say this palette is phenomenal, I'm not even exaggerating. The color story is perfection, the pigmentation is off the charts, and the shadows are buttery to the touch. As I applied the shadows I couldn't even believe how beautifully they blended. I'm also a sucker for packaging and this palette did not disappoint. 5 stars, hands down." —Towardthe6

    Get it from Sephora for $59.

    "Here, just take all my money." —you *and* me after this post.


    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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