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16 Thoughts While Working Out At The Gym


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1. All the treadmills are taken!?!

2. Did I leave the stove on?

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3. How many times do I have to do this to get abs like Serena Williams?

4. When you're really not in the mood to work out, but you ate five slices of pizza last night.

Inside Amy Schumer / Via

5. My playlist is fire. I honestly need to become a DJ.

Bob's Burgers / Via

6. Why does this man think he's Barry Allen, the fastest man alive?

7. How long will these shenanigans last or will he just tire out?

Burn After Reading / Via

8. Who turned the heat on?

Key & Peele, Comedy Central / Via

9. Can we turn the heat on so I can sweat more?

10. I know this would defeat the purpose but I'm really craving a milkshake with a cheeseburger and fries right now.

11. Did someone just fart in front of me during downward dog?

12. When you're doing the exercise completely right, but someone just had to come over and mansplain the "correct form" to you.

13. When your favorite work out leggings that you haven't worn in years actually fit again.

14. Came to the gym looking cute. Left like I just won a battle in Themyscira.

Princess and the frog / Via

15. Enough with the catcalling! I just want my summer body!

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16. When all that hard work starts to pay off, you feel better and notice the changes in your body. Looks like working out is worth it after all.

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