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    28 "The Good Place" Moments That Prove They Were Robbed Of An Emmy

    How the fork did this show not win anything?!

    Over its four season run The Good Place has never won an Emmy, which is completely mind-boggling to think about

    Below are some of the moments that highlight why The Good Place should've won at least one Emmy — if not, all of them:


    1. When the chaotic dot over the "i" in Jeremy Bearimy finally broke Chidi.

    2. When Jason knew where to find the best version of himself.

    3. When Janet learned how to eat human food just to make Jason happy.

    4. When Chidi expertly called out colonialism.

    5. When Eleanor named the creepy clown paintings in her house with frightening accuracy.

    6. When Chidi bested Jason at the billiard game he invented.

    7. When Chidi brought Simone a break-up present.

    8. When Chidi spiced up his ethics lesson with roller skates.

    9. When Michael revealed that even Hell isn't above selling knick-knacks.

    10. When Tahani bragged about her unique and well-fitting name.

    11. When the gang gave each other the funeral of their dreams.

    12. When Janet mastered the art of human break-ups.

    13. When Eleanor showed how a simple act of kindness can deeply impact someone else.

    14. Whenever Eleanor figured out they were in the Bad Place.

    15. When Michael and Janet created the greatest theme song for the new Good Place points system.

    16. When Tahani and her sister represented the complex relationship all siblings have.

    17. When Janet explained the beauty found in the unpredictability and chaos that is life.

    18. When Michael couldn't grasp the concept of right and wrong actions.

    19. When Shawn made an excellent case for why humans are terrible.

    20. Whenever Jason gave us a glimpse into his thought process.

    21. Seriously, everything Jason said was gold.

    22. When Chidi and Eleanor found the true Good Place: each other.

    23. When Eleanor realized she was being selfish by making Chidi live by her own set of rules causing the show to come full circle.

    24. When Tahani was a sweet but naive team player.

    25. When Chidi accurately described any college class.

    26. When the gang was sent to Janet's void and it turned them into individual Janets.

    27. Whenever Tahani name dropped the celebrities in her life.

    28. And, finally, whenever the gang showed us that family can be found no matter how many times you die.

    Team Cockroach forever!