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    MGK Wore A Spiky Suit To The AMAs Last Night, And I Have Several Questions, Such As, "How Did He Sit In That Thing?!"

    You can look, but don't you touch!

    The American Music Awards took place last night, and the stars showed out with their very best looks, including everyone's favorite mainstream sellout, Machine Gun Kelly.

    However, in typical MGK style, his look was a bit peculiar, as he hit the red carpet in his very best Pinhead cosplay.

    MGK wearing a fitted suit completely covered in long spikes

    Can you see the difference? Yeah, me either.

    The one-of-a-kind Dolce & Gabbana suit was covered in spikes made of gunmetal, which made it hard for the singer to get close to anyone, let alone put his arms by his sides as he posed for pictures. However, he did manage to sit down for a few seconds to take a pic with Lionel Richie. RIP to his poor butt cheeks.

    While accepting the award of Favorite Rock Artist, MGK took a few moments to express how the suit was "hard to pee in," which makes sense because of, ya know, the actual weapons sticking out of it.

    MGK giving an acceptance speech onstage

    The "Bloody Valentine" singer then took to Instagram after the awards show to give a shoutout to his inspiration for the look, which turned out to be a sea urchin. "Do you guys sea what I was goin' for?" He wrote. And honestly, I see the vision and respect it immensely.

    Never change, MGK, never change.