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    20 "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Tumblr Posts That Prove Charles Boyle Is The Real Main Character

    "Later, sluts!"

    1. When he was completely in touch with his feelings.

    2. When he made sure Jake was getting all the nutrients he needs.

    3. When he causally revealed his celebrity relative.

    4. When he handled his sadness like a college student during finals.

    5. Whenever he made food a priority.

    6. Whenever he went above and beyond for his best friend.

    7. Seriously, above and beyond.

    8. When he stated this terrifying, but true fact about life.

    9. When he expressed the only correct reaction to your favorite show being canceled.

    10. When he encapsulated how quickly things can horribly wrong.

    11. When he stood by his terrible catchphrases.

    12. Whenever he went overboard because he was in love.

    13. When he acknowledged and owned his awkward personality.

    14. Whenever he was extremely confident.

    15. When he showed off his nerdy side.

    16. When he took his work as an amateur chef very seriously.

    17. When he bent over backwards to get back into the squad's group text.

    18. When he revealed the key to true intimacy.

    19. Whenever he tried to lighten the mood while on the job.

    20. And finally, when he dropped this wise nugget about exercising.