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    23 Decorations To Help You Transform Your Dorm Room For Fall

    Deck out your dorm in fall foliage. 🍁

    1. A garland of fall leaves that lights up so you can hang it along your bed, desk, door, or anything that could use a warm glow.

    2. A couple of buffalo plaid throw pillow covers so your bed can look fall-ready too.

    3. A pumpkin patch acrylic tray you can use as a cute way to display beauty products and jewelry or just use it to set your snacks on.

    4. A pack of fall leaves window clings so your windows can look cheery even on a gloomy day.

    5. An autumnal felt ball garland to hang on your wall and add some extra color to your room.

    6. A mustard yellow flannel blanket with pompom fringe that'll keep you warm on chilly evenings while you're watching scary movies.

    7. A mercury glass pumpkin light for an elegant fall touch that'll surely ~brighten~ your day.

    8. A wreath of pumpkins and maple leaves you can hang on your door to let everyone in your hall know that it's the best time of year!

    9. A "Happy Fall" banner to hang above your desk for a rustic, homey touch.

    10. A wooden pumpkin monogram for a more personalized piece of fall decor that'll look adorable on your door or above your bed.

    11. A color-changing moon lamp that'll add a mystical feel to your room.

    12. A set of flameless LED candles to give your dorm a bit of a Haunted Mansion vibe, just in time for spooky season.

    13. A little black and gold polkadot pumpkin for a more chic seasonal look. Kust place it on a shelf or table.

    14. A Halloween-inspired doormat so your ~boo~ won't forget which door is yours.

    15. A pack of fake mini pumpkins, gourds, acorns, leaves, and pinecones to spread across your dorm so it looks like autumn all over the place.

    16. A fall-themed Snoopy mug you can drink cider and pumpkin spiced lattes out of or just use it to hold your pens and highlighters on your desk as a cute decor item.

    17. A witchy art print that I'm sure everyone will appreciate when it's time for all of the Halloween parties.

    18. A pumpkin chai–scented Poo-Pourri toilet spray so your shared bathroom can smell as crisp and lovely as the fall weather outside — your roommates will appreciate it.

    19. Some decorative wooden block signs that'll get you excited about all the best parts of the season.

    20. A stained glass pumpkin night light that'll keep the monsters away while you're sleeping.

    21. A fall bucket list sign to remind you of all the fun things you can do on the weekends.

    22. A Winifred Sanderson figure to ~pop~ on a shelf or your desk if, like me, you plan on watching Hocus Pocus every single day of October (and probably into November as well).

    23. And a plaid storage bin to throw your odds and ends in so even your piles of random stuff look cute.

    Fall has arrived, so hurry and get to decorating!

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