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A Teen's Day Was Made When He Ran Into His Mythbusting Idol

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At only 15 Drummey has shown he has a lot of talent as an inventor; he has made gadgets ranging from an apple pressing machine to a long range golf ball launcher. Most recently, he has been busy drawing blueprints to build something pretty spectacular.

Kayla Bazile / Via

"I am building an exoskeleton for my neighbor," Drummey explained, "He is a farmer who lost the muscles in his right forearm and bicep; this made it impossible for him to lift milk buckets and operate farm machinery. The brace I am designing will replace the muscles he has lost."

Drummey and his father were spending their Saturday morning buying materials at Brown and Roberts Hardware Store when suddenly he recognized a face waiting in line ahead of him. It was Mythbuster host/producer Adam Savage. Savage and his son were in Vermont as a stop on their vacation. / Via

"I couldn't believe it was him," Drummey said, "I was so excited and nervous to talk to him. I didn't want to impose, especially since he was with his son. But he was so nice and very friendly. He asked me what I was using the materials for and seemed genuinely interested in what I was doing."

They parted ways and Drummey thought it was the end of a great day until he got home and found a tweet Savage wrote about him.

donttrythis / Via Twitter: @donttrythis

When Drummey saw the tweet, he instantly freaked out. "I screamed so loud and told everyone I knew! I couldn't believe that he actually wrote about me."

Drummey messaged Savage afterwards and, as of right now, he hasn't responded but Drummey remains hopeful that he will.

Maureen Drummey / Via

"I really hopes he considers helping me with my exoskeleton. That would be so awesome!"

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